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  1. Thats great - it gives me a starting point - i realise a lot of experimentation is needed. Cheers mate !
  2. What a great programme - using on mac via bootcamp... Ive been searching the net but can't find info on LX mode in Sharpcap. DO I need to use it? what does it do? I use a Microsoft Life Cam Studio and am about to mod a Logitech C615 - do i need to do anything to the camera? Thanks
  3. I hadn't thought of that .... great idea... prevents the frustration setting in too )
  4. So after 8 days of waiting it seemed clear enough to venture out with the new scope and mount (first goto one). I'd done as much set up as I could in the house following 'Astronomyshed's' you tube videos. If nothing else it taught me basic set-up - just about managed to polar align... balanced etc . So I finally put power to the mount 1. How can you dim the red light when looking through the polar scope? Polaris was only just visible! Then started synscan set-up. Entered all the basic info and went to do a 2 star align. I chose Regulus and Pollux to start. First attempt - scope didn't move a
  5. Welcome to the site! I've only been on just over a week and have already learnt so much - including how supportive everyone is (thanks folks) - the forums contain such a wealth of invaluable advice. Stopped me feeling so stupid asking obvious questions Pete
  6. I should perhaps add I live on a farm in Suffolk (uk) so have pretty dark skies...
  7. This maybe a naive question ( I realise the number of variables that can affect things - and making general assumptions such as setting my polar alignment correctly etc) but in the hope of clear skies... Im starting out with a Nikon D5000 DSLR + Quattro 10" f/4 + NEQ6 Synscan mount. Please could someone give a range of basic camera settings (Exposure time - bulb setting / Aperture / iso) for... 1) Moon 2) Planets 3) Sun (using Mylar film) As regards DSO's presumably as long as alignment is correct there is no such thing as too long an exposure? I'd hate disappointment to dampen my enthusiasm..
  8. Last night was a false alarm :((( ... managed a quick naked-eye glimpse of the moon and Jupiter at 9pm as cloud started breaking up - waited until 2.00am but my optimism was dashed as the cloud thickened. New scope still in the box! :((

  9. Just heard It is supposed to be a clear night tonight !!! AT last a chance to try my Quattro 10" f/4... only waited 8 days since it arrived

  10. Feeling stupid this morning... spent a very frustrating hour trying to set up my NEQ6 polar scope before I came on here and discovered there was a hole in the RA shaft too see through...Can't believe I was so stupid

    1. allcart


      You're not the first.

    2. Luke


      I've tried to look through the polar scope a few times for a good few minutes before realising I haven't extended the shaft :D

  11. PGA-64


  12. So telescope is finally on the mount. Feels like I've built a boat in the house and now it won't fit through the door lol.

    1. Stargazer33
    2. PGA-64


      Need to dig out the step ladder too LOL

  13. Great images - never even thought about trying my phone! once this cloud clears..... Pete
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