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  1. You're a familiar face Welcome to SGL I hope to join in the imaging too Sj
  2. Thanks, I think so too! We have a full section on all methods of observing in all areas of the spectrum, including visual A lot of time this year covered CCDs as well which was a very interesting section. I'm currently at our observatory and recently received the informal training to now use our 16" Meade solo in the dome, which is ace Well, if it'll fit in my back garden then I might just :-P Otherwise I may look for something more modest! Thanks to everyone for the welcomes!
  3. Helloooo there, I'm Steven McGinty I'm a Physics and Astronomy student from Glasgow and currently just finished my 2nd year of studies - hoping to progress into a 3rd year smoothly My interest in astronomy has mainly been literature, academical, some trips to NASA and only very recently have I become more active in observing. Received some excellent tips on a trip a few months ago and hope to become a more avid observer, and hopefully (if the economy allows) buy me my first proper telescope! Hopefully I'll fit in here, make some contributions and get advice and all that! Feel free to ask me a
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