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  1. Hi! Just wondering if anyone has any advice regarding GOTO scopes, I have been looking into them and reading a few reviews here and there and they seem pretty good, definitely something I would like to own! Do any of you currently own one? Is there any certain ones that you would recommended that are a realistic price range ? Look forward to hearing from you
  2. As I am new to all this I only went for a cheap one at the moment. Not sure what they are going to be like but I hope they do the job, just to help me get familiar etc. I ordered the Hama Star 63 tripod :/ I ordered my binos from Amazon and noticed that the tripod was also bought with these binoculars so hopefully it's OK.
  3. I have just ordered a tripod for now so let's see how it goes. Thanks
  4. Is there any cheap monopds you recommend ? I have finally had chance to try them out as it was clear for a few seconds! I can't get over how good they are, the view of the moon was amazing and as I am no professional it was very exciting lol!
  5. My first binoculars have arrived today!

    1. DeepSkyBagger


      Great stuff. Enjoy them!

    2. Faye92


      Oh I sure will :)

    3. Faye92


      Oh I sure will :)

  6. I have also just ordered these! my very first pair, i am looking forward to giving them a try!
  7. Is there any certain types of monopods/tripods that you would recommended for the celestron 15x70 preferably a reasonable cheap price? All of your knowledge has really helped thank you!!
  8. I will let you all know how I get on with my first ever attempt!
  9. Thank you guys! I will let me you know how I get on with my first ever attempt. FINGERS CROSSED for
  10. Thank you! Sorry I meant 15x70 must of been a typo. I have order the celestron 15x70 so let's hope they are ok
  11. Thanks for the reply! There seems to be a lot of choice and it all seems really confusing for a first time buyer lol! I was thinking the Celestron 20x80 however, have now come across the 17x50 and although there is an obvious difference in price range is there really any difference in the views?
  12. Hi everyone! I am hoping to purchase my first binoculars with a buget of £100. I know most of you will think a telescope is more worth while however, I am hoping to get familiar with observing as I am no pro yet lol! If any of you recommend a first pair of binoculars it would be much appreciated. I have been looking at CELESTRON SKYMASTER 20x80 and it seems obvious that I will need a tripod for this as they are heavy and I must admit I aren't the strongest of people to hold them! I look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully i will have my new binoculars soon
  13. Hi!! Just wondering if the Zennox Refractor Telescope (50x600mm) is any good for a first telescope. Groupon have a deal on at the moment just looking for a bit of advice seems like a bargain. Look forward to your replies
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