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  1. I recently bought one and find that it does make stars appear a bit dimmer than seen with the naked eye, but think the small amount of light pollution from neighbours' lights may be affecting it.
  2. Where in Fife were you from WaveSoarer? I think splitting doubles is going to my plan for the next month or so. I've seen Albireo already. I definitely got into this hobby at the wrong time of year!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not 100% sure it is what I saw, but hopefully it was my first DSO. I'll definitely focus on doubles, the moon and planets until it gets darker.
  4. With clear skies last night around midnight, I thought I'd make my first attempt at tracking down some DSOs. My first target was the Ring Nebula. I could see the 2 stars in Lyra I needed to search between. I think I managed to spot it using my 25mm and 8mm EPs, but it was a very very faint ring. I moved onto the Great Cluster in Hercules, and the results were similar. I think I was aiming in the right area, but again found a very very faint smudge with both EPs. Should these DSOs be more obvious with my Skyliner 150p, or could I have just missed the spot and imagined what I saw? It was dark enough for me to see the shape of Lyra and the keystone of Hercules, but at this time of year, not as dark as I would have liked.
  5. Apologies if I've offended any owners. I think I would just worry about the strange looks such a garment would attract as a beginner. Although I'm sure after a few months of experience, some dropped eyepieces, and annoyingly placed streetlights, I may end up considering one!
  6. I have a Jedi dressing gown with a large hood that I'm sure doesn't attract any strange looks!
  7. Oh dear. I think people must have more money than sense to buy something like that! Please tell me you don't have one?
  8. Good solution - practical, plus look cool at the same time haha! Thankfully the majority of my observing is done in the back garden which doesn't have a light problem. My front garden (Which I'm reluctant to use due to neighbours who never close curtains at night) has several streetlights nearby.
  9. I seem to be getting clear skies during the day, then cloud at night. Tried using Metcheck, BBC, Accuweather, all seem to show varying amounts of partial cloud cover, but when the time comes, it's close to 100%, grr!
  10. I think Lyra and M57 will be my next targets to explore once I get a clear night! My Telrad has arrived, so looking forward to trying it out to see how different aiming is compared to my standard 6x30 finderscope. Hopefully far easier!
  11. I think I'm at around the same stage as you guys. I've seen Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and possibly M13 as a very faint fuzzy, but also found that using the upside down left/right view of the 6x30 finderscope left me feeling very lost! I've ordered a Telrad finder, so hoping that will make things a bit easier. Lyra is in a perfect position from my garden at the moment, so think M57 might be my next target once I get a clear night.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I knew the bright moon wouldn't help matters, but after waiting weeks for a clear night, thought I should take a chance. I did manage to see Saturn, so that more than made up for the disappointment of missing M13!
  13. The last few nights have been the clearest I've had in months, and after some good views of the moon and Saturn, thought I'd aim for M13 around midnight as it's in the right direction from my garden. With my stock 25mm EP, I thought I could make out a very faint smudge, but struggled with my 8mm. Should it be easy to spot? Would the near-full moon (which was nearby) be drowning it out, or more likely just my aim was off? I did have to bend my body into a strange shape to look through the finder scope! I am considering getting a Telrad.
  14. Managed to get some tracking practice in too which was much easier than I thought it would be with a dob at 150x.
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