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    Nature & wildlife, laughing with my friends, chocolate, cake, chocolate cake, gardening and growing veggies, cooking, good food, a big glass of wine, curling up in front of the fire with a good book, did I mention chocolate? .... and laying on my back in the middle of a field or on top of a hill on a clear night, watching the stars.
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  1. Auroralicious

    Hello from a newb in Dorset :-)

    Hey hey. Glad you've come and said hello at last. Told you they were a nice bunch!
  2. Auroralicious

    hi im new

    Greetings from Devon. I'm new to astronomy too, but this site has so much helpful info and everyone is super friendly, so you've definitely come to the right place. Happy star gazing
  3. Hmmm, what delightful weather we're having :-(

    1. Stargazer33


      Lovely day here in Sussex. Was forecast as rain all day! Glad to see they are spending our money wisely!

    2. Auroralicious


      Had lots of showers and wind here today. Supposed to be more of the same tomorrow - boooooooo :-(

  4. Auroralicious

    Hi all! :)

    Hi Luis. Greetings from Devon
  5. Hurrar, the wknd is here :-)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Auroralicious


      Yep, which is totally rubbish :-( .....time for a glass of wine!

    3. Tums


      lol, you definitely won't see any stars after that.well only blurry ones. ;)

    4. Auroralicious


      Ha ha, and maybe a few pink elephants ;-)

  6. Can't sleep ..... would love to do some star gazing right now, but what a surprise, there are loads of annoying clouds :-(

  7. Auroralicious

    The Binocular Sky Newsletter, April 2014

    Loved your news letter . Full of very useful stuff. Thanks!
  8. Auroralicious

    Hello from Paraguay!

    Hello from a fellow newb Happy star gazing!
  9. Auroralicious

    Rolls Royce - Celestial

    Want! If I start saving now ....... oh who am I kidding, never gonna happen
  10. Auroralicious

    Hello from Sheffield

    Hello from a fellow newb I too use binoculars. There's loads of useful info on here just for us bino users. Happy star gazing!
  11. Auroralicious

    Hi stargazing friends. I'm a total newb!

    I can't believe you only started in Feb! I guess it is quite an addictive hobby. Now i'm scared lol
  12. Auroralicious

    Hi stargazing friends. I'm a total newb!

    Oooo, a sun lounger (or should that be star lounger) - now you're talking! Yep, you're right, the stars aren't going anywhere so I am going to take my time and just enjoy learning and appreciate the sky, viewed with my new found astro knowledge. I'll worry about scopes if/when I decide I actually need one. Thanks for the advice x x x
  13. Auroralicious

    Hi stargazing friends. I'm a total newb!

    Wow guys, you are all so lovely! I can't believe how many of you have taken the time to say hi and welcome me aboard It's slightly scary beginning a new hobby, especially when you don't know where to start ..... but already i'm feeling so encouraged and motivated. All of your little hints and tips, pointing me to useful books/info etc and your kind words - you are all awesome :kiss: Already I feel at home here and I've only been a member for 2 days! A BIG Thank you to all of you x x x
  14. Auroralicious

    Hi stargazing friends. I'm a total newb!

    I've just been given a good light weight telescopic tripod, so i'm pretty set for some ache free stargazing!
  15. Oh dear, just got busted by my boss for reading on the forums when I should be working!

    1. tingting44


      tut, tut, just cant get the staff these days loooool......

    2. Auroralicious


      You're so right, tee hee *giggles mischievously


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