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  1. I am also interested in trying to reduce stiction in my AVX mount. I had a look at the above link and unfortunately this is what they say " the AVX mount is off limits at present, and is notoriously difficult to work on. "
  2. Canon 100D uses both the EF or EF-s lense same as all the other models. Only the full frame cameras are restricted to using EF lens only
  3. Have a look here this should be the one http://www.display-lighting.com/lighting-control/2-pole-lighting-connectors/dltr8140.html
  4. I have the same scope and have fitted this bar with no problems. Remove the original vixen rail the remove the 2 Allen key grub screws and the new bar should fit ok.
  5. Have you tried cleaning the contacts both on the lense and the camera body using only a clean dry cloth? Other than that it looks like it is back to Canon for repair I'm afraid.
  6. The Canon Eos 100D is also a good choice. The small size and low weight is a big plus in my view. It has a digic 5 processor which is the latest but one processor and has a QE of 43%. They can be got brand new body only as a grey import for about £250 or you can buy a new one already astro moded for £340.
  7. I have just ordered a 100D astro moded as I already have one and liked the small lightweight size of it. It has the better QE of the two and one of the best in the Canon range for the money.
  8. Had been thinking about getting a CCD camera, thanks for all the advice on my other thread. But decided decided to wait a while for that and have just ordered a Canon Eos 100D astro modded from Astronomiser so apologies for the clouds about to cover the Aberdeen area. Looking forward to darker nights to get out and see how well I can do, I'm sure the camera will be fine it's me I'm worried about
  9. Stunning photo Sara. I only hope that I can some day take pictures to that quality, but a long steep learning curve ahead of me.
  10. Taken on the 20th June approximately 160 mile offshore Brazil. The Moon with Venus and Jupiter above the FPSO we are working next to, also another rig can be seen on the horizon. I just wish I had a more stable platform to work from instead of the boat I'm on.
  11. HighlandBoy


    Hi Pulsar welcome to SGL. A power tank or similar is the way to go it will save a lot of AA batteries.
  12. HighlandBoy


    Hi and welcome to SGL
  13. Thanks for all the advice. Looks like it might be better to get a second scope like an Apo for wide field and keep the Edge HD for visual and planetary work.
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