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  1. feZian_leVels


    couple of pis of a sick handset
  2. update: just had to fork out for a 1 port FTDI usb to rs232 adapter cable. So now an anxious wait for the postie. Failing that I'll get in touch with the vendor astroshop eu and see what they can do. Thanks to all. I shall return!!
  3. You are a gentleman ,sir. I'll drop by the Skywatcher website and give it a try later on today and get back with any results.
  4. First off ,I've got to thank you for all this help.It really is very good of you. Now to business... Connecting the hand set to the power pack directly gives 3 short, shrill beep noises (1 longer when the eq box is in the way) but still no menu. I did get one of those cables and will certainly try to upgrade to see if I get I response. Is it still possible to get the download without input from the hand set? Should the hand set be powered from the tank whilst connected to the PC? The Scope and mount were brand spanking new out the box. 'Sorry, the port on the mount isn't on the mount body as it's not an HEQ5, so does it look like this and the lead in this position?' yes. thanks again.
  5. Thanks all >yes Jambouk that is the handset. I've been looking over it again this morning with the same results. The hand set is connected to the eq5 'box' via the curly telephone cable and then the box is hooked up to the tank. Sorry if I didn't explain myself very well. Point is, there is illumination of the hand set but no start-up menu.Nothing.
  6. Hello everybody. I am a complete newbie to the forum,and despite having dabbled in sky watching in the past am a newbie to that too . I recently got myself an EQ5 goto mount and last night had it all good to go,waitng for nightfall. I pugged my hand-set into my Celestron powertank (fully charged) and despite a *beep* sound of a second...nothing. The hand set illuminates but I'm not getting any menu.The directional buttons seem to be doing something,because therre is a buzzing of the gears ,but the movement ,if any, is undetectable. Is this a common problem with the handsets? Is it broken or am I just being a newb? Thanks for any help and forgive if this is not the right place to ask or indeed if it's been asked before.
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