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    Astronomy, Classic Cars and Hotrods, Hawkwind, Real Ale. Also a seriously good scrabble player.
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    North Yorkshire
  1. One of my most memorable sights on a bright moonlit but partly cloudy night was at about 4am. After hearing approaching honking a large skein of about 40 geese flew over at about 50 feet, backlit by a full moon. Unforgettable.
  2. I had a second-hand Skwatcher 127 Mak, cost me £160 and was very good value at that. Decent planet views at 100x. Compact and you can use a laptop PSU to power it! Tripod collapses to half height, OTA is compact.
  3. Hi, Welcome from a fellow Yorkshire Noob. Is the cloud at Redcar an overspill of the Boro' smog?
  4. I'm looking for a 20mm 1.25" eyepiece for my LX10, as most nights 100x will be ample. I'm on limited funds so I'd appreciate some advice on the best compromise between price and quality. Second hand is most likely source.
  5. What a lovely warm welcome! I look forward to learning much from you all. I currently have an Orion GX250 on an old school Vixen Grand Polaris and recently got an LX10. I tend to use the Meade more as it's easier to set up and align. I may sell the Orion to get a refractor
  6. Recently got an LX10 8" SCT in very nice condition. Superb views at 50x. At 200x with a 10mm Series 4000 ep I can't get tight focus on anything but the Moon (which is well enough focussed to see atmospheric movement). Jupiter however won't focus well enough to see banding which is clear at 50x. Is the issue eyepiece or me? Collimation would seem to be reasonable as the 50x is so good. Grateful for advice please.
  7. I've had a long time interest in all things astro, recently invested in a couple of scopes. All I need now is for nearby streetlights to fail! Hi to you all.
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