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  1. Hi. Don't get me wring I'm sure it a great camera, but I was using a cannon EOS 350D as my primary camera and I was getting great images of landscapes but with my 3200 the images aren't as good. It might just be a case of I haven't gotten used to it yet.
  2. I've seen some really decent 30 sec exposure's without the trails. I like star trails but I would much rather get into details of space with landscapes as foreground I'm sure I will need to do composite images e.g. over a min exposure for my foreground and 30 sec exposure for my sky. My favourite photographer is Peter Lik a landscape photographer by trade but he has a few astrphotographs and they are awe inspiring. Here is a link to his shot. Hope I am not breaking the rules here http://www.lik.com/theshow/episode1/season1image5.html
  3. Hi. I`m completely new to astrophotography but at the risk of sounding cocky I`m a pretty good landscape photographer. I am currently using a Nikon D3200. I find its image quality isn't so good and I`m not sure what it will be like for astrophotography. Also I`m not sure what other equipment I will need so It would be great if someone could tell me what else I need.
  4. Pretty cool, From an xbox cam? Really?
  5. Thanks for the welcome replies. there was more than I expected.
  6. Hi. I'm new here to, Nice to meet you. It seem like a great place with super quick replies. I look forward to looking through the site and finding out as much about the night sky as possible.
  7. Did I say Astrology, oops I meant Astronomy of course, must be the Carlsberg talking. I have always watched any program about astronomy and the night sky from as long as I can remember though I don't really know to much about the various types of astrophotography so Id be grateful for any knowledge and advice you have to offer. I guess Id like to start taking Photos of the milky way first. I don't have the equipment to zoom into Nebulas or planets yet, So I guess that would be landscape astrophotography?
  8. Hello. My name is Chris. I'm 31 years old and I am from Belfast Ireland/Northern Ireland. I've been an amateur photographer for around 7 years now I've always been always been fascinated with astrology and the night sky but never photographed it so I have decided to try my hand at astrophotography. I searched in Google and here I am ... I come in peace
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