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  1. We were paying on it .. but we’re out of state when someone was caught going into said unit so the owner of unit decided not to charge us for last few months to make up for their slack in watching it better .. someone apparently fooled a new employee that it was my husband.. wasn’t discovered until husband called to make payment as usual
  2. Well; we got the stuff from storage and looks like items were stolen; my husband isn’t happy about that as it was a different lock on our unit (put there by the owner of the place ) and stuff got stolen .. video game system in addition to the telescope and eyepieces ...
  3. You’re right about it being on the more costly side but I’ve heard it’s a good brand
  4. I know there are 2x (which I have two of .. one came with my reflector) , 3x and 5x but I’ve never seen a 4x.. do they exist? I’m contemplating getting another set of filters so I can keep on set with my reflector and the other with my refractor ..
  5. Next week is when we can get all our stuff from the storage unit so we’re getting excited to see what all we can recover
  6. All I can recall is that it’s an eq mount reflector scope . Turquoise colored tube.. I can’t remember if it’s 114 mm or 130 mm in aperture .. I think it was an Orion brand ..
  7. Posting here as I think this is best spot .. anyways my husband just informed there’s a great chance I’ll recover my old reflector telescope from a storage unit we thought we lost a few years back
  8. I had a good time viewing the moon last night . I opted to use my yellow filter as I couldn’t find my filter for cutting that brightness down.. the funny thing the pictures all don’t show the yellow filter .. I used my iPhone se (2020 edition) and my 26 mm eyepiece , yellow filter and some had a 2x Barlow on my National Geographic 114 mm aperture reflector telescope .
  9. Hello everyone , I gave my cousin my other reflector telescope and got this one which I am excited to try out tonight, it just arrived today. I needed a tripod mount so o wouldn’t risk falling due to my inner ear disorder .
  10. So the other night I took a picture with my iPhone se of Jupiter but the conditions had it looking like mars .. I don’t fully remember what eyepiece I was using inside my telescope either.
  11. I have way less vertigo with music playing in my earbuds and I hold onto the table my scope sets on but the vertigo still happens just not as intense . I’m hoping the new tripod mount will help me .
  12. I think I found a solution and not have to part with my scope.. I found another mount online that would allow me to put the reflector on a tripod
  13. My reflector is a Meade eclipseview 114 . It is a tabletop telescope . I love it because it is the size aperture I tend to like . But I can’t comfortably sit and view with it as the only table out back is a picnic table with built in seats
  14. Okay I don’t even have binoculars right now.. I am thinking a mak or a refractor would be my best bet. I just don’t know what would be equivalent to my reflector in aperture size
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