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  1. I checked out the link. Is this one of those catadioptric telescopes?
  2. Yeah I’ve seen the one sky .. I even told husband I wished I seen it sooner .. then he said maybe Christmas.. but he agreed on a new refractor since current one is one it’s last legs with the focuser tension.
  3. I never even thought of extension tube, much less heard of those.
  4. Space limitations is one reason. The other is I need ease of portability. My refractor was a gift so I had no say in specs. I am looking at new scope anyways but that won’t be for a while . I can build eyepieces and filters for time being.
  5. I have two eyepieces that are the MA format from Meade . The rest are plossls . I really been enjoying planetary viewing lately but go back and forth between deep space objects , messier and planetary.
  6. I’m building up eyepiece collection that I Like slowly. So I can research and go for quality.
  7. Guys I need help figuring out eyepiece range for my reflector. It is a Meade eclipseview 114. The aperture is 114 mm and focal length is 450 mm . I know for sure it is an f/4 . I have a 2x Barlow that came with an eyepiece kit that doesn’t work as there’s not enough out focus. Right now I’m okay with that as I have a reflector the Barlow works great with. My eyepieces are 40mm, 26 mm, 20 mm ,12.5 mm ,9.7 mm, 6mm and I think 4 mm (unless I have two 9s or 6s as I have two 26s) the 40 does put it right on a limit for sure. But what can I do between the 26 and the 40 mm? I’m trying for as broad a range as possible without putting my reflector at it’s limits.
  8. I have the Meade eclipseview 114 tabletop..I’ve been really enjoying it . I actually want to go bigger at some point but obviously not this year since I’ve gotten quite a few pricey items .
  9. I haven’t yet. I did go from a 50 mm /600mm refractor to a 114mm/450mm reflector. I use both telescopes and I am planning on bigger refractor soon I think.
  10. True I just have to be patient. And thank you
  11. Guys my husband ordered me a low power eyepiece for my birthday and it rained for the second night in a row.. I’m not amused. I’m hoping skies clear up for me . I just hope soon it’s clear skies because I’ve got a whole mess of eyepieces to try out now .. I know the “joke” when it comes to skies and ordering astronomy stuff .. I told my husband yesterday .. he looked confused .
  12. Yeah I was sad when I learned my location wasn’t able to see the eclipse but I still enjoyed the moon regardless .
  13. I just got a new phone mount so I been using it last night as well to learn phone placement better. Yes I was using the standard camera app.
  14. I originally made a post elsewhere regarding this so..here goes I tried out a new cell phone mount for telescope and did the sun. It is Meade eclipseview 114 that has a filter for the sun. I shot this image today and was wondering how else can I do better ? My phone is a iPhone se 2020 edition
  15. Today I tried our my new cell phone mount for my telescope. I imaged the sun using my Meade eclipseview 114 Dobsonian tabletop telescope.it came with a solar filter and had aperture I wanted within a set price husband set for me for all the Astro related stuff I wanted .. so please tell me how I can improve upon imaging the sun or what other filters I can try..
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