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  1. The brand of my 70mm scope I'm not sure of.. But the eyepieces at do work are different sorts. There's an sr4mm, h6mm,h20mm, a Meade ma25mm, a Meade ma40mm and there's a 10mm I'm unsure of type. I also have a 3x Barlow.
  2. okay so I got some new eyepieces in the past few months.. The problem is they don't seem to focus at all in my short tube telescope .. my longer tube telescope they work no problem.. Here is as much information as I can give right now . Problem scope specs: Aperture 70mm Focal length 300mm Not problem scope specs: Aperture 50mm Focal length 500mm Problem eyepieces: Celstron 15mm (kellner) celestron 9mm (kellner) I do wear glasses for astigmatism and nearsightness. I honestly can't figure out what I am doing wrong.. IN theory the eyepieces should work fine as I have 6mm and 20 mm eyepieces in my collection that work no problem for either scope..
  3. I've been without internet for a while but now back .. Love the moon filter. I've since obtained new eyepieces and a blue filter as well as a red ..I've been looking at telescopes I've found one I'll be happy with.. A reflector scope in 1 25 format.
  4. I have a "tabletop" scope. I was able to get another tripod for it that provides more height so I can use either tripod for it. Mine is 70 mm, I have seen the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Uranus. I have also seen some various star clusters and possibly Orion nebula (I'm not good at identifying nebulas ). The moon and the star clusters will be easier to view than the other items , mainly due to how small the other planets will look. I'm saving up for slightly bigger. I'm not going much bigger as I need a scope I can store out of toddler reach easily. However a 70mm is an overall great size to start with. That is coming from someone who started with a 50 mm scope .
  5. It's better than my attempts have been. Good job
  6. So far I have obtained only one filter a green moon filter . I've been having fun experimenting with it. I also know that I am keen on obtaining more eyepieces and filters .
  7. New filter on its way

  8. Yes my husband will be getting me a moon filter to start with at least
  9. Yeah I been trying to get Jupiter but they come out too bright to see the detail . The moon I get lucky 1/20 images (I just snap the shutter several times and see what I get) but this DSo is a first for me . I'm A bit in awe and pleasantly surprised
  10. I do not have 9 mm eyepiece. My biggest scope of you is my 70mm scope and its a f/4.3 . I was viewing the other night with my 6mm eyepiece. I also did the 4 mm eyepiece as well .. After I get it in focus , and it stops shaking , I love the view , I just wish it was bigger but I suppose if I can see some detail than I can benefit from filters.
  11. My 70mm scope, either my 40mm or 25mm ep.. I think the color did get a bit enhanced. I was just messing around with my iPhone camera and a new imaging app
  12. Okay so I took an image last night and the only tweaking I did was sharpness and clarity. I was looking at Orion nebula and i think I got an image of it when I wasn't trying to. I need ideas or opinions.
  13. I have been looking at the starblasts as well. Weight is also gonna be a factor for me as well. But for the time being my husband will be getting me more eyepieces .
  14. Aside from the obvious it's a telecope You're talking about, I don't know what kind of scope
  15. I know I am comfortable with handing a 90 mm refractor and enjoyed all the things I could see in that. it was also a computerized goto mount as well. and was a meade brande as well..
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