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  1. I posted in another forum that I have bought the Starwave 70ED F6, from Altair Astro, along with a solar filter, 15 mm wide field 70 degree eyepiece, Altair 1.25" dielectric star diagonal and a lightwave 1.0x Field flattener for f/5.5-f/6.25. Paul Money reviewed this wee scope in the Jan 2014 edition of the S@N mag, and gave it 4/5 stars. I also chatted to him on Face book and he still recommended it, and gave me other advice as well. My wee scope comes tomorrow, so I apologise in advance if it is cloudy for the next how ever many days lol. I need to find a soft case to house my 6 eyepieces, barlow lens, solar filter, light pollution filters etc. I saw a post when googling that was on here somewhere that mentioned Maplin had a good one, but when I checked there wasn't one, only a large hard case which I don't want due to weight.
  2. I have decided to go with the Starwave 70ED F6 travel refractor from Altair Astro as it got a good review from Paul Money in the bbc s@n mag Jan 2014. I also chatted to Paul on Face book and he said it was a nice wee scope, and along with the star adventurer would be a nice piece of kit that I would have. :-) it is £399, and weighs 2 kg so ok for me to handle as well. It can double as a solar scope, and so I will save more money and buy a solar filter later on.
  3. Others I chatted to on FB agreed that it is a nice wee scope as well. I asked on the amatuer astronomy and astro photography fb group and they gave advice as well, as other amatuer astronomer friends on FB.
  4. I have decided to go with this one http://www.altairastro.com/product.php?productid=16686&cat=270&page=1 After chatting on Face Book with Paul Money who reviewed it for the Sky at Night magazine in Jan 2014. like the 66 mm it is 2 kg in weight, so light enough for me to cope with I think. It can also double as a solar scope when I buy a solar filter for it, and it works with the skywatcher star adventurer as well, and also fits on a normal camera tripod. Excited to get it now :-) Will try and sell my Celestron first scope 114 EQ 4.5" Newtonian as it will no longer be of use to me. I haven't got much use out of it anyway due to the portability issue with my disability. I will let you know how I get on with the new one when I get it. :-)
  5. Our next meeting is on the 9th March, in the Bank Hall, Climpy Road, Forth, ML118BX, at 7:30-9:30pm. Our speaker is Dr Giles Hammond, who's presentation is on "The International Year of Light". It is £2 for non-members, and tea/coffee and cake is included in the price. You would be made most welcome :-) I have had a look at a nice light weight 2 kg scope on AltairAstro at £329 and it looks perfect for the price, as it is an OTA and can also be used as a solar scope with the addition of a filter. I am going to see if it will be ok with the skywatcher star adventurer, as well as checking if I require a different mount. I only need my camera tripod for the star adventurer.
  6. I have a 70-300 mm sigma camera lens as well as a canon 50 mm macro lens. I use the macro for shooting the constellations etc and the other lens for the Moon and the Sun. This little scope looks good as well so thanks for the link :-)
  7. I see you live in Hamilton, Scotland, did you know that there is an astronomy society in Clydesdale, called Clydesdale AS, that meet in Forth on the second Monday of the month, except July and August. We have some good speakers coming up, and had one last night that is from Hamilton as well.
  8. Looks a good wee scope. Might need to rethink a maksutov as I was planning on using it from my studyroom window which faces west. I can't go anywhere without help due to mobility problems and use sticks in doors and a wheelchair outdoors. So I can't face the scope to true North from inside my home, and there is no one to help me use it outside at night. Is there other dumpy scopes that would suit me better?
  9. I am also looking to buy a small dumpy scope and need it to be light weight due to my disability. I was looking at the skywatcher sky max 180 pro as it has got great reviews, but it seems to be 20lbs in weight, or 9 kg, which is far to heavy for me to lift. I have a celestron first scope, and although it is a good scope, it takes up a lot of space in my room and want to get a smaller maksutov one, but have a limited budget. The skywatcher one is £743 from rother valley optics, and I would need to get a eq mount on top of that as well. Any advice on this is most welcome. :-)
  10. Hi all, I need advice on buying a OTA scope for using with the skywatcher star adventurer. I got the star adventurer for my Christmas and would like a scope to go with it so that I can connect a camera to it. The Rother valley optics and other sites suggest the skywatcher Sky max 90, which at £116 pound for the tube assembly seems reasonable, and with limited budget I need to get the best value for money I can. Any advice would be most welcome :-) Very Best Wishes Alice-Amanda :-)
  11. I shouldn't post at mad times of the night lol, as I make mistakes lol haha. CalTech course is The Science of the Solar System, by Prof Mike Brown. The maths one is Prof Croft. Anyway you probably get what I meant lol.
  12. Hello Matt, Confronting the big Questions Highlights of modern Astronomy, is a brilliant course, and well worth taking. I did it not that long ago, so can recommend it. I am also doing the Astro Tech course, the CalTech course and getting to grips with mathematical symbolism, by Prof Tony Croft. "The Science Of The Solar System". I also did Analyzing the Universe course, and it was really good as well. Astronomy State of the Art, course by Prof Christ Impey, is also brilliant. I have done quite a few of the free online courses and have really enjoyed them all. If you need advice just let me know. Best Wishes Mad astro girl :-)
  13. Thanks for the kind words about my pictures :-)
  14. Yes you can do them in advance if you want. This is the first course of this type i have managed to be so far ahead with. I am way behind with the CalTech one though, due to doing S207 The Physical World, 60 point OU physics course as well as all the free courses, so that is why I have to try and get ahead and finish the moons one. There are others who are ahead as well like me.
  15. Hi fellow Moon students, i am on week 8, so if anyone needs assistance on week 5-7 tests just let me know. I got 100% for week 7, and 96% for weeks 4-6. I love this course. I would recommend the other course "The Discovery of the Higgs Boson", it was fabulous as well. The coursera courses are brilliant as well, and are free. I am doing one from Caltech on coursera, called "The Science of the Solar System", which is brilliant. Prof Mike Brown is the lecturer on that one. He discovered Eris the minor planet that got Pluto demoted. Best Wishes Mad astro girl
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