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  1. Hello! I recently took out my 8" GSO dobsonian, with plans to observe few clusters tonight. It hasnt been used in recent few months due to rains over here... When i inspected the mirror, i found a cloudy ring around the circumference accompanied by a lot of dust on the mirror. Even though i kept the telescope sealed... Do i need to clean the mirror? One of my friends scared me by saying that the aluminium coating is coming off the mirror and it is a write-off I am really concerned! -Prabal
  2. Hey! It was simple point and shoot! I don't have any adapter. I just read the photo through PE express on my Mobile. Just increased the contrast a little. Clear skies, Prabal
  3. Another one of my Smartphone pictures. Saturn Captured through 8" Dobsonian. Again, it's not great but it's something.
  4. Hey, I captured this Image of Jupiter Few Days back. I made a 10 second video using my smartphone, Put the video through Registrax and then edited it in Photoshop Express to bring out the colors. It's not much but yeah, it's something. I managed to capture the Great Red Spot. I used a 9mm eyepiece on my GSO 8" Dob.....
  5. This picture was taken with a Smartphone attached to a 8" GSO Dobsonian paired with a 20mm eyepiece. It was edited in Photoshop Express.
  6. Hey, I second What Micheal said. The same thing happens with my 8" Dobsonian. In order to focus my 2" eyepiece, GSO has included an extension along with my scope. Without extending, stuff appears like blobs. So what I would suggest is, instead of adding a diagonal in between (more opticals = less quality), do not fully insert the eyepiece in the focuser barrel. Experiment with the distance. It should work. Let me know. Regards, Prabal
  7. Turning the objective lens did the trick this time! I tried it with my spectacles! thanks all!
  8. Hello, I recently got my new 8" Dob Telescope. I tried to see Jupiter yesterday. However, while aligning the Finderscope, I noticed that Jupiter wasn't a pinpoint image it appeared like a bright star and had 4 spikes coming off it. Looked much more like betelgeuse. I also tried to look at a star through it. It was better but I had to work my eye to make it a pinpoint. I tried rotating the objective mirror backwards and forwards but that only worsened the image. It became a blob. The crosshairs were out of focus as well. I do wear spectacles. I have myopia (-2.5) and astigmatism (-1.75). Any help is greatly appreciated. I would really want to rectify this issue. Regards, Prabal
  9. Thank you so very much!!! It's great to be back on SGL. This is a great hobby. I'm really looking forward to many years of enjoyment with my new scope. Regards
  10. Here's my new GSO 8" F/6 Dob. Took few years to collect the funds from pocket money. This has just been assembled 2 days ago. Still awaiting first light. Regards, Prabal
  11. Hello, My first scope was a 60mm refractor. I pushed it to it's limits in Delhi's light polluted skies. Me being a student can't travel out to dark skies very frequently. So I usually have to make do with what's available. We can see max 2nd magnitude stars here. No fainter. So I'm limited to only the moon, planets and some brighter DSO's. After observing all that I could, I felt the need to upgrade to a larger scope. I recently became a proud owner of a GSO 8" Dobsonian after collecting cash for a few years. It cost me 700 $ along with a laser collimator. Now that I have my new scope, I can start having all nighters again. I'm super excited!!!!!! Clear skies to you(we don't have clear skies since the last 4 days), Prabal
  12. any more uggetion? guy , my keyboard ha decieved me many key are not orking
  13. i will surely travel to sites outside town but i only want to see the messier catalog and solar system perhaps one or two ngc's
  14. well,according to all of you i need to get the biggest aperture dobson i can. right? can i go for the orion 8i/10i intelloscope dobsonian which would complete both the matters. is it prefferable????
  15. sometimes the skies are clear enough to reveal 40s or 50s of stars here plus i would be travelling out of the city once or twice in a while. well the 5'' would be much more portable. if you leave the light pollution, which of the telescopes would you prefer? (portability should also be considered).any one of you have the celestron nexstar 130slt would the views be nice?
  16. thanks for your advice sir but i believe that i would be travelling out of city once in a while(3-4 months). for The non automated part your talk is true it is set up easily but my problem is that that i have problem finding dso's because the light pollution washes away the finder stars. if i start finding the finder stars it would be time consuming.). here in new delhi some 3-4 stars are visible so that would be enough for the automated one to align itself and then start whirring away.... finding objects. or i could take one of the orion intelloscope dobsons(they do not find the object but just guide you to it) whats your opinion now???
  17. i went to jaipur recently with my father for a formal visit. i took my binos along. there i saw pledies(m45).it was awesome. it did not appear blue as shown in astronomy books. but it was very beautiful
  18. hello, greeting from India. i am going to buy a third telescope. there are two or three options available with me:- 1) Celestron 31145 NexStar 130 SLT or celestron nexstar 4se 2} 8 inch/10 inch orion dobsonian telescope i am preffering a automated telescope 1) as here the skies are light polluted and i have trouble locating objects with my telescope. not much time is left then(schoolwork).i want to see morecelestial objects which according to your opinion is the best telescope for me(intermediate astronomer) THANKS
  19. well my exams are going on cannot do anything....
  20. hello MY exams are currently going are currently going astronomy's off for some time.will try pleidies today night. and sir Pankaj can we meet some time?
  21. welcome to SGL Mr.gary I am smaller than you thus i have less knowledge but ill try my best to answer your quaries
  22. And out of curiosity i want to ask MR.algol what the table in your signature
  23. hello, My skies are so badly light polluted that i cannot see any thing till 45 degrees above my horizon.and for hercules, the stars arent visible. m29 was seen when i went to my aunt's house in rajasthan. i am in delhi right now
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