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  1. Quite. Now they're saying it's cloudy until 2 in the morning, clouding up again at 4. Looks like the weather changed its mind. I'll stay up late on the off chance I can get a clear shot at Saturn or Mars.
  2. That's a point, I've never had to cool a scope before. How long does it take a ten inch reflector to cool?
  3. A brief glimpse of clear sky, or a snare and a delusion? Will the weather change its mind?
  4. Yeah I want to do planetary imaging as well, I just wanted to branch out to something a little more challenging. Also, the planets are low in the sky at the moment.
  5. Okay 30 second exposures will have to do. Doesn't seem so bad, I'm not after the most impressive images ever, just cool images I can share. Planetary images, I'll do with exposures measured in the milliseconds. Not sure if registax or AS2 can do it, but there must be software out there somewhere that can derotate each frame before stacking them (hell, I'll do it manually, because with 30 second exposures, I won't have to do a huge number of frames). And if all else fails, I'll build a ramp of 39° to park my telescope on. Seems a bit extreme though, and not sure how the motors would cope with the unusual forces. The telescope is a 10 inch Skywatcher: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-250px-flextube-goto.html Camera is a ZWO ASI: http://www.zwoptical.com/eng/Cameras/ASI120/index.asp It weighs about 100g, so I'm not concerned about its weight. If it comes to it, I still have a 5 incher on a motorised EQ2 mount which I can use the camera on, and just use the dob for observing. But I'd really like to combine the light gathering power of the dob with the new camera if at all possible.
  6. Finally got my hands on a computerised dob and it occurs to me, since it uses an alt-azimuth mount, the image will rotate slowly as I'm tracking. How big a problem is that for imaging? I'd like to try my hand at imaging a galaxy or three (as soon as the weather stops trolling me), so how long can I set my exposures before the edges start to blur from the rotation? Unrelated, but is it normal for a dob to slowly droop over time? I tried pointing it at a nearby radio tower just to set up the finder scope, and I found the front of the scope ever so slowly dropped down. Is that normal? I'd have expected it to be balanced with the heavy mirror at the back counterbalancing the extended front side. Is this going to be a problem whenever I try looking at low down things?
  7. It was me. A ten inch goto dob. Forecast says unbroken clouds for weeks.
  8. I'm sure. I spoke to the owner of the house in question. Her brother did indeed sign for it, and he confirmed it over the phone. He confirmed the boxes were left outside. Yes, it will have been a big and heavy delivery and it does strain the imagination to picture an opportunist taking it away, but the fact is the boxes disappeared some time between delivery and when I returned home. I'm struggling to imagine any non-nefarious way those boxes could have moved in that time.
  9. Would be awesome if this incident didn't land my neighbour's family in trouble. I still have to live in the same street as these folks and I'd rather they not be annoyed at me.
  10. It's second hand information, so take it with a pinch of salt. From what I've been told, my neighbour's brother (that is, someone who doesn't even live there) was on his way out when the delivery van turned up. They pressured him into signing for the delivery and then left it by the side of their house. So it was the Fedex guys who left it outside the house. Maybe the dude who signed for it should have taken it inside? I don't know if it was his responsibility to do anything of the sort.
  11. Oh hey, it didn't occur to me you'd have an account on this forum. Yeah, it was one of yours. Order number PO49600. Just to be clear, I don't blame you, I blame Fedex.
  12. Already contacted the retailer. I wash my hands of this nonsense, and await resolution.
  13. No, I know the house that "received" it now. But the boxes were left outside and then mysteriously disappeared.
  14. Update! Turns out the delivery drivers pressured my neighbour's brother to sign for the boxes while he was on his way out, and then left the boxes outside. Needless to say, the boxes were not there when I got home. At this point, I can only assume someone somewhere has nicked them. I think I've exhausted all my options with Fedex now, so I've contacted the retailer to see if they can sort out this mess. Either way, it looks like I'm not getting my new telescope in time for the clear sky tonight.
  15. Oh they do leave them with neighbours, and it's not just Fedex that does this. And no, I've never given any courier company permission to do this and it annoys the tits off me. And I'm sure it annoys the tits off my neighbours who have to put up with my big heavy boxes. Would have much preferred them to take it back to the depot. Or even better, just let me pick it up from the depot in the first place! Attempting delivery on a weekday when 90% of people are away at work seems like a waste of everyone's time.
  16. Tracking website said it was delivered. It gave the name of the person who signed for it, but not their address. I do not recognise the name. Rang up the depot to find out more: "Sorry, the driver isn't answering his phone".
  17. Not if they're not in. Knocked on some doors on my street, and the ones who were in didn't have it.
  18. ... to one of my neighbours. And since the driver neglected to leave a card, I have no idea which one. I don't know my neighbours very well, so I'm actually slightly worried that whoever has it is going to keep it, or at the very least kick the box around the kitchen so everything goes out of alignment. Thank you, Fedex. /firstworldproblems
  19. Hell of a lot better than my first Saturn. May I ask what kit you used?
  20. I'd love to get images like that, hence the new kit. I don't think I'll get as clear an image as that though. He was using a mono camera as well as a colour one, and combined the images; I'll just be using a colour camera. Sounds like he had exceptionally good seeing as well. I'd have to travel to find a good spot to take pictures from, because my house is in a moderately light polluted area and is at very low elevation (any lower and I'd be breathing salt water). This big scope will mainly be for viewing sessions planned in advance. I'll have to wait for perfect weather, find a dark sky spot at high elevation, and set everything up before sunset. And then hope random rascals, miscreants and scallywags don't murder me for my laptop. Will keep my current 5 incher for unplanned viewings, for when the forecast said cloud and yet it turns out to be clear. By the way, what does LRGB stand for? I've seen it mentioned in a few places, but never explained. RGB is red green blue, presumably for using a mono camera with a filter wheel, but what's the L?
  21. That's awesome. That's in an 8 inch scope? Well, I've gone and done it. I've dropped a grand and a half on the 10 inch computerised dob, the ASI camera and a couple of miscellaneous gubbins. Can't wait for it to be delivered.
  22. I don't. My bedside lamp uses an energy saving bulb that takes a while to reach full brightness. I have always been extremely grateful for this feature. Alas, my living room light does not have this feature.
  23. Well, I've more or less committed myself to buying that 10 inch guided dob now. I'll see what I can get with the webcam, and then upgrade to a QHY5L-11 or something to see the difference. Off topic, but who the hell names these astro cams? "DFK 21AU04.AS" and "QHY5L-11" are terrible names.
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