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  1. Brilliant move there Steph. I'm really pleased for you.... I'll bet you are really looking forward to the dark nights of Autumn to unleash it's full potential. Dead jealous !.... ;-)) Cheers
  2. Hi Steve - welcome to SGL - hope you have fun with your new hobby ! Steve
  3. Old Blankets, lots of those gray removal carpet protectors (I was left them) and a few cheap cushions stop my scope moving too much.. Believe me, you don't want ~150lb of scope dropping into your lap under heavy braking !
  4. IMHO... if you spend more than this you get into the realms of having goose pimples appear (and not from cold) on your arms on more records (note) more of the time. Coming to the excellent original post, with my push-to, non aligned, non go-to, non-imaging set up, I feel like every discovery is a world first. Am I pioneering ? No. Discovering ? - Yes , for me. For my eyes and brain Am I happy ? - Yes - always Am I an astronomer ? - Probably not, but I am very fulfilled with me and my scope and the wonders of the sky. It's a perfect hobby in an imperfect world.
  5. Kelling last year had me with some cracking exotica in my hands for hours at an end... Frankly, the UWAN's are a really decent lens and perhaps there was a touch of difference with the TV , but it was hardly visible. I also liked the Pentax lenses. Crisp like you would not believe it Very tasty.
  6. Welcome to SGL Tolentone and happy hunting those clear skies !
  7. Hi Simon - welcome to SGL - what other fora (*plural ?) do you use ? Cheers
  8. Searched hard for this at SGL5 visually and thought I saw it... but It was hard in the twilight (and a lot dimmer than I expected !) Well done you for capturing
  9. Zog - for sure, if you go Barlowed then you get a totally different result for primary miirror and as you mentioned, with that kind of result it's worth paying for. However... I still love my Cheshire ! - Am I warped and twisted ? ;-)
  10. Hi Shane- really nice to see yet another good observing report and thanks for putting so much effort into the write up. How dark are your skies where you live ? I used to work in an around where you lived, and from memory recall the LP was none too clever...
  11. Hi Rob - that is ultra creamy... but I'm sure you knew that already !... I don't know what impresses me more, how you actually go about creating an image like this, the dedication you have, or the final result. It's as if you are "there". If only Steve Zodiac could see you now. Stay safe mate.
  12. Really nice looking scope ! Thanks for posting and I'll bet you get a great deal more pleasure knowing that your scope was carefully crafted by your dad. I'll be you are proud (I would be !) Rgds Steve
  13. Hi Alex - welcome to SGL - you have a good scope there to go DSO hunting !
  14. Natty piece of kit Mick - where did you discover this little gem ? However - seems a little like a solution in search of a problem..but I'll bet it looks dead cool at a star party !
  15. I loved the Ethos, but found eye placement and lack of an edge to the field not to my liking. Pentax's are also cracking - not better but different to the Naglers. But for me, the all round value of the UWAN's from William Optics (AKA Skywatcher Nirvana's) had everything I was looking for.
  16. I agree with the general tone of this thread. Indeed, when I did my overview of collimation at SGL 5 people who had previously set up with lasers were reporting (after using the cheshire) that they were now getting much better views. It's not the concept of a laser that is at fault (as has been mentioned) but the fact that some of them are "out" to begin with. Collicap + Cheshire + Star test = happiness ! Good luck
  17. Hi there Vlebo. Don't worry, you are not going mad. Collimation is easy... If I were you, I'd be ensuring that my primary mirror is tensioned tight enough against the springs. To do this, loosen all the locking screws, then tighten all the 3 adjusters to the max. then loosen all three of them by 1turn. Then you adjust the primary (when it comes to this) on 2 of the 3. This little trick ensures that when you tilt the optical tube assembly from upright to horizontal, the primary mirror is held as firm as it can be. Personally, I never use the 3 locking screws and rely only on the mirror cell springs to keep the mirror held firm Coming to the change in collimation, to avoid any possible focuser errors, ensure all the screws holding the draw tube are correctly tensioned. Finally, it is not at all rare for people to discover that the Baader laser is itself, out of collimation. This means that if you remove and inadvertatly rotate the orientation of the laser in the focuser, then the beam will now point to a different place, thus fooling you into re-collimating. since the baader is a wierd shape, the process of checking the collimation of the laser itself is not easy. Get yourself a collicap and a mechanical cheshire and you will not have these problems. Sure, it will not be as convenient when it's dark, but you will have a fighting chance of getting your collimation right every time. Hope this helps BR's
  18. Good scope you have there. Don't forget, that collimation for the SCT is not the same as newtonian... study hard and be careful to check that it actually needs collimating before goinf near it with a twiddling stick !
  19. Nice scooter ! TJ - ref this:- Do you take small order commissions ? I'd like a few Mutley's printing off ?
  20. I keep getting "Page not found" errors all of a sudden Database errorThe Stargazers Lounge database has encountered a problem.Please try the following: Load the page again by clicking the Refresh button in your web browser. Open the stargazerslounge.com home page, then try to open another page. Click the Back button to try another link. The stargazerslounge.com forum technical staff have been notified of the error, though you may contact them if the problem persists.
  21. Is the problem fixed properly ? The only reason I ask, is that "all of a sudden" some of the posts do not open properly. I get the "page not found" message....
  22. Really like that scope - good purchase and some tasty options ! It looks very solid and the mirroe cell looks good as well. I'll bet you are happy ! Cheers
  23. Owning a truss tube dob, you get very used to collimating (well, I do anyhow) and would advise a quick check prior to any serious observation. Collimation affects the contrast and ability of the image to resolve so bright planets may not show bad collimation as much as the deep sky objects or close doubles. Regarding the "cheap" laser, then beware... a better bet is a trusty cheshire. Master this, and you will not go far wrong. Good luck Steve
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