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  1. Welcome from eternally clear mag six skies in Cheltenham* Steve *(...er, that may not be entirely accurate)
  2. Prey tell Rob - have I missed the piccies ? You have got the bug eh ?
  3. I love this image - well captured and well done.
  4. Hi there. For me, half the fun, is the hunting so I have a well aligned RDF, a nice wide angle EP and a good field atlas. It helps to have dark skies because most DSO's have guide stars next to them that are not so bright. The only other ingredient I suggest is patience and if winter, plenty of warm clothing ! Good luck hunting !
  5. Man alive Keith... that is EPIC ! - Well done to your engineering skills. I salute you.
  6. Really useful link - thanks for posting
  7. I have one for sale if you are interested ?
  8. Well done for your first DSO... that 10" dob will "hoover up" some excellent views for you - have fun.
  9. Gulp. That image is pretty special.... I can only imagine sunrise from one of those stars...
  10. Cracking Pete - really captures a lot of the memories of SSP.... well done !
  11. I love the Pleaides...this jewel box in the sky shines the way to dark skies of winter !
  12. All been said but to add my 2p worth... be sure you get a good 'un. Check the mirror, because direct from Meade, they are not well overcoated and the surface finish (great for arid dry deserts) can deteriorate in our humid climate. Make sure the mirror clips have been loosened or you might well get astigmatism. I leave mine in the garage but it will not fit through the side door... it's big. It needs:- Flocking A shroud base Strengthening Tubes painting black Dew heater on the 2ndary Weights on the lower OTA if you use any decent EP + Shroud Wheels ... and most important... careful collimation That said, at Salisbury, I was rewarded with some utterly stunning views and am nothing but very very pleased. My newly re-coated optics sparkle and now 2 years old are looking perfect. Recommended - but it's a beast. I agree with John.. best to look out for one 2nd hand ! Cheers Steve
  13. Initially I thought this was a good lens and indeed in my scope (same as Doc's) it doesn't show too bad, but I've always found the stars to be somewhat ill defined next to other lenses i have tried. It's fairly average - IMHO - but not stunning. However.. I've not ever seen it perform in other scopes. Incidentally, I have seen my Antares Speers Waler work in other scopes and it is stunning... but useless in my scope (cannot achieve focus !.. Grr..) Good luck !
  14. The LB's are known for having coatings that were not designed for our humid atmosphere. As a result, they often go cloudy well ahead of expected time. Not to worry. A trip to Galvoptics or Orion optics will sort it out (a recoat) and don't forget to keep an eye on the primary... from my experience, it's only a matter of time until that starts to show signs Good luck ! Steve
  15. I bought mine for a few quid from FLO - works a treat !
  16. Me, I love 'em all ! They look brilliant, but as a non-imager, what do I know (except that I like them !)
  17. That is one of the most terrific images on SGL (and there are some stunners). I think this is very very worthy of POY... Thanks so much for all your hard work ! Steve
  18. Hi there Timi - welcome to the SGL forum. I had a scope similar to yours (with rubbish EP's) and still had fun for many years ! - I hope you get some time on yours.. cheers Steve
  19. Look at it in the garage and remember... the skies are not going away, they will be clear soon, and reach for one of my bikes to start pedalling !
  20. Nice project Mick. Seems like you have some good plans in mind with the improved optics from OO. I think for planetary you need a smaller secondary ratio compared to (say) the LB so wonder what you had in mind ? having seen (but new viewed) a Takahashi Mewlon 12" with a much smaller obstruction, I can vouch for the attraction of a good planetray scope, but given the choice and unlimited funds, I'd ache for a decent Apo.... Tough choice !
  21. Nice Avatar.. and cracking set up there. Good idea to have more scopes than needed. It's a bit like bikes, you can never have enough IMHO. Also, that's a pretty Dob you have got there.
  22. That is beautiful and I'll bet the joy you had in building was almost as good as what you get in viewing ! Excellent
  23. Not half. Many's the time that I wondered why I'd spent money in such vast amounts on my Hi-Fi, Bikes and so on... I'm always drawn to the conlcusion that feeling / percieving is all we humans have to work with. CCD camera's are a little less sensitive to our purchasing passions and may well reveal differences that the eye cannot detect. I remember when I'd spent a couple of weekends ripping my scope into it's consistuent elements to flock it the interior. When I gave it first light, of course it was "better".. (how could it not be) but what on earth was my frame of reference ? Yes, it was a memory I had from several evenings previous. I have huge interest in the OO Hilux coatings (and other coatings from equally professional coatings companies out there) but shudder at the thought of spending quite a bit of dough to realise that frankly, I couldn't see the difference. Now, I'd love a back to back, A-B comparison with 2 identical scopes where we both had a planetary nebula in the FOV and I could see it with one scope (e.g. hilux) and not with another( e.g. standard) then I'd know I'd spent my money well. But your final comment is correct... who am I (we) to argue.
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