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  1. Are you sure your DS7000 wasn't located somewhere in orbit ? That's an epic picture from any standpoint. What a great lesson... What are your views in mono images ? Although I like colour, somehow, I seem to prefer mono for some dso's.... Your views ? Perhaps when you have time, you might turn your Nikon to this task ?
  2. I've collimated all sorts of scopes in the last 5 years and still find a red torch at night with a Cheshire just as accurate as anything... But... A barlowed laser is also a great help in the dark. I even once did a lecture on how to get the best in accuracy at an SGL star party a few years back... PM me if you want the notes. Rgds
  3. I have a 406 mm scope at f4.5 and my 88mm mirror is offset by 5mm or so and offers full illumination of the secondary. I hope this helps Rgds
  4. Nice choice. I'm considering a 22 or a 20 myself.. And hankered after the Obsession Ultra Compact. I dare bet, your scope is a lot better value for money... Keen to know how much you sprung for it, ? Please PM if you can.... Good luck and top choice.
  5. I had this on my dob but then I modified the screws 1. Make all 3 into points using a simple drill sander 2. Using a big drill (creating a shallow angle) make a "crater" into which the 3 adjuster screws sit 3. Use a spring over the thread to keep the whole set up under tension This stopped the screws from "wandering" and thus changing collimation. On the primary:- 1. Screw the mirror hard down on all 3 springs. 2. Back off 1 to 1.5 turns - all there the same. 3. Adjust collimation on 2 from 3 screws only. In this way, the mirror cell is held better then normally would be the case and the collimation also varies less with change in altitude. Finally, always collimate the primary at 45degrees to horizontal thus ensuring that irrespective of pointing at zenith or horizon (both unlikely) the collimation will be close. Good luck !
  6. No issues with triathlon... Just turned into a manic duathlete. So... Who herd is going to SGL 9 ? I hope to bring my scope.. If I can persuade Daz to answer my mails All the best Steve
  7. Thanks Pat... Yes, clear skies seem to be at a premium at the moment...
  8. Hi there SGL. I thought I would reintroduce myself after a lapse of a couple of years. I was once very active here, but work took me to overseas places. Indeed, I'm still travelling extensively but would like to slowly get back into my favourite hobby. I recognise a few of the names but a lot have gone MIA.... Specifically, I would like to contact the organisers of SGL 9 as I would be up for a star party. I do go to Kelling every year but that is via a few mates. I've met so,e SGL folks there (Mark.. The imager) but few others. Is Darren still in the hot seat for SGL 9 ? I've dropped him a mail but no reply. I also went to Lucksall Mark with SGL V and have some terrific memories. If I can get in, then I hope to renew old acquaintances and make some new friends. All the best Steve
  9. I have a 16" meade LB (with a totally different base). It is (just) portable, and I've carted it to various star parties. I love it. Trouble is... it's not exactly "handy". They say, the best scope you have, is the one you use most often.
  10. I can only agree... 13mm Ethos on my scope had M42 "on fire" in my eyes.. a haunting image that is there forever Stunning. Invest, you will not regret it ! :-)
  11. After a break from obersving for almost 4 months, I can report with total pleasure, that I will be there ! Cannot wait for this !
  12. So very very true ! - I love both piccies .... good winters sight. Well captured
  13. I loved the original - it had a magical "made in the 60's and all that implies" feel to it. The modern one had none of these intangible atmospheric elements, and looked somewhat over produced It pains me to say this, but when I saw it, thought of how much better it would be to watch the original - nearly all the way through it. It seemed OK - but no more (and I really wanted to like it)
  14. Tim... I want more blue ! - or is it just me ?
  15. Hi there. It's well known that the LB mirrors are unsung heroes (if you can read french, there is an awseome / detailed review of an LB-16's mirror that demonstrates almost unheard of perrformance..) Anyhow, one of the known problems is as you mentioned, potential astigmatism caused by the 3 mirror clips being too tight onto the primary. The LB-16 has a 27 point mirror cell - again, well above market expectation for a "cheap" scope and so provided the mirror is fixed well, then the 3 clips can be moved away from the mirror. Any traces of astigmatism caused by this, will be cured. Good luck Steve
  16. It reminds me of the opening shots from "contact" when the camera pulls away from the galaxy. You have captured those dark lanes so very very well. Almost unreal. Stunning shot Kev
  17. albedo0.39


    Welcome to SGL Paul. Good luck in all your astro adventures and as mentioned, the only daft question, is the one you didn't ask. Lots of help here - no matter what the interest !
  18. Nice picture and you are so right... "Christmas in the Sky"
  19. I absolutely love this post. It just shows what talent exists and agree that whilst I love the "pretty" shots, this takes imaging to a whole new level Thanks Paulo - you have opened my eyes ! Steve
  20. Nice write up John and congrats on your new EP - it certainly sounds like a "keeper". Where did you get it from (apologies if posted elsewhere ?)
  21. Shocking(ly good). This one really appeals to my "mono" sense a great deal. Such amazing detail.
  22. It's a beaut Tim. Once again a top image. I love the whole "Merope Nebula" thing and have done so since I was a wee lad... you have captured it well. Thanks for posting. PS - looking forward to seeing that Jupiter transit !
  23. Hey - that's a good catch - I'll deffo be targeting these objects next time the 'scope goes out.. Cheers
  24. Just outstanding.... Love it in mono and so much going on.
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