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  1. Some good advice here.

    Relax. Take the scope apart, in the light and just get to know how it all works - there is really not too much to go wrong. For the secondary alignment, I recommend the following

    Look at where the 3 screws normally impact the silver disc of the secondary holder

    Remove the secondary assembly (careful does it)

    Take a large drill and SLOWLY add a countersink to the 3 contact points on the disc

    Now, take the screws you normally adjust the secondary with and grind a point to each one... Not too sharp , but pointed. You can do this easily with a drill and some sandpaper.

    Reassemble the secondary so that now, when you adjust, the 3 screws sit nicely in the countersink sections and do not walk across the surface of the disc. This transforms the ease and accuracy of collimation.


  2. I would flock if I were you. However, I got all my materials from Hobbycraft.

    They sell two types. One is loose and needs glue, and the other is A4 sizes and self adhesive (very sticky). If works a treat and saves a fortune. Mine has lasted well. No degradation from all weathers, temperatures and abuse.

  3. Top site Daz - much nicer site than I care to remember.

    When back from Germany (clear skies all the way) I will post some.... Also a few images of the surprise winner of the very first SGL 9 10km run event !

    Can you guess who it was ?

  4. Accuweather....wasn't. There were a few spits and spats (literally) until around the 4:45pm time... Then it got harder and stronger and has just stopped (20:00). In fact, this morning, it was pleasant and I even saw, the sun !

    Perfect now (as in not raining).

  5. Ok, so freshly laundered underwear is ready.

    I see that SGL star parties have changed format somewhat since i last attended.... That's what comes from missing staff meetings. I too will stay in a warm environment. You might might know it as a "house"...

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