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  1. I wasn't aware of that, I installed a bunch of things that a lot of people here suggested for equatorial mounts. I uninstalled EQMOD, gave the mount a quick test and it made no difference.
  2. Hey, I picked up a second hand LXD-650 mount not too long ago, and I'm having some connectivity issues. This setup came with the computer add-on pre-installed, and it is identical to the LX2000 classic computer system (including internal hardware). My setup is as follows: Laptop USB cable -> ZWO ASI120MC imaging camera as an autoguider -> Camera ST4 port to ST4 input on mount with cable I have all of the necessary software installed such as ASCOM, eqmod, Net framework, etc.. Occasionally I have used PHD guiding successfully with no issues - graph shows it is all working well and talking to the mount as it should, however, most of the times the mount becomes unresponsive to commands/guiding & the graph shows a flat line. I cannot use the keypad to slew the mount, because sometimes it seems to "interrupt" the connection to the laptop without any error messages, and I have to switch the mount on/off to sort it out. This doesn't always fix the problem, and when it does fix it, the problem reappears not too soon after. Also, the keypad slew buttons become unresponsive for a moment until they decide to come back alive on their own. I feel as though the keypad interferes with ZWO autoguider, and cancels one part of the connection out. I have thoroughly checked all cables, swapped them around and it has not affected the problem at all. Could this problem simply be caused by out of date equipment? Is there any .txts I can attach to help expand on my issues? Furthermore, I cannot use Stellariumscope with Stellarium. I get a bountiful plethora of error messages one after, forcing me to close the programs from the task manager. Perhaps this incompatibility may also be related to the autoguiding issues. Many thanks, Joel.
  3. Robin, Didn't have a whole lot of spare time last night, so here is a quick attempt at Mars with the AVI compression disabled version: http://i.imgur.com/mn5250C.png Log: [ZWO ASI120MC]Output Format=AVI files (*.avi)Binning=1Capture Area=320x240ColourSpace=RGB24Sensor Temp=18.5Turbo USB=40(Auto)White Bal (=95White Bal ®=52Brightness=0Gain=0Gamma=50Pan=408Tilt=546Flip Image=NoneExposure (ms)=0.031905There is indeed an improvement without too much of a file size increase, however I haven't managed to figure out the SER Bayer problem quiet yet, I will have to research that another time. Thanks very much for taking the time to fix that little compression issue, is there any more detailed scripts of info I can pass on to potentially pinpoint the problem, perhaps from the ZWO camera itself? Joel.
  4. Thanks for the advice Robin, Here are some quick results, roughly 1000 good frames stacked/processed SER (RAW x16) image: http://i.imgur.com/ZvfY16U.png AVI image: http://i.imgur.com/DWvkEEH.png The SER files definitely fixes my banding issue, but seems a bit pixelated. Capture details for SER: [ZWO ASI120MC] Output Format=SER fileBinning=1Capture Area=320x240ColourSpace=RAW16 (Debayer Preview)Sensor Temp=20Turbo USB=40(Auto)White Bal (=95White Bal ®=52Brightness=0Gain=25Gamma=50Pan=480Tilt=360Flip Image=NoneExposure (ms)=0.013937Capture details for AVI: [ZWO ASI120MC] Output Format=AVI files (*.avi)Binning=1Capture Area=320x240ColourSpace=RGB24Sensor Temp=20Turbo USB=40(Auto)White Bal (=95White Bal ®=52Brightness=0Gain=20Gamma=50Pan=480Tilt=360Flip Image=NoneExposure (ms)=0.013937I'l go ahead and PM you my email address to see if your fix works at all. I appreciate your help with this here, it would be good to use SharpCap as my software of choice again!
  5. Interesting. It does increase detail slightly but it doesn't seem to correct the problem I'm having. Thanks for the tip As the the planetary shots, I'm seeing no improvement with a gain/gamma increase. Even a test with 100% gain, I see the banding striations. This is the method I use to get the shots: Capture with SharpcapPre-process in PIPP because AVIs straight from sharpcap don't seem to work with AS2Stack in AutoStakkert 2Processes in Registax 6Is there any way I can upload my settings used in sharpcap? Many thanks, Joel.
  6. My apologies for not getting back sooner, I've had nothing but cloud cover recently, and now I'm busy for the weekend. I'l do my best to get some results up monday/tues
  7. Thanks for the reply, as for the camera I used: ZWO ASI120MC You are correct when it comes to low gains, all videos were taken with about 20% gain, 0% gamma, 480x320 resolution - everything else at default I will attempt another planet shot tonight with higher gain to see if it makes a difference. As a side note: I cleaned the primary lens, mirror diaganol, barlow lens & sensor cover with a lens cleaning kit prior to taking any of the videos, so I assume that dew was not the cause.
  8. Hey, ~1 month sharpcap user here. Just recently I've been having some issues with some of my images filmed with sharpcap, there appear to be concentric ring artifacts in my planetary images. I remember getting this at least one or twice within 2 weeks, but it usually sorts itself out somehow, until just this week, they are constantly occurring. I have updated sharpcap in the past week, other than that I can't think as to why this is happening, is anyone else experiencing this? These rings appear when modifying wavelets in Registax 6. Examples taken with SharpCap: http://i.imgur.com/TqLAWL3.png http://i.imgur.com/NUmHALV.png Example taken with FireCap: http://i.imgur.com/mTUb5QH.png AMcapture also gives me clearer results, so I assume it's just sharpcap that I'm having this problem with. Any ideas?
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