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  1. Hi All, I haven't been on here for a couple of years due to house building and grandchildren taking priority. I have finally dug my Celestron 9.25 GPS scope out but sadly it is suffering from GPS syndrome and after a lot of sweat and tears I have found out the hand controller is too old, so I can't update the firmware Apparently putting a new hand controller on is a bit hit and miss, as it depends on the motherboard, so I will be giving the PC version a try tonight.
  2. Thanks Ed, It was good to meet up with you and CPAC last night. As you said above - a very friendly club. I hope to get over to Hadleigh a bit more often Regards Steve
  3. Can I join the party? I was hoping to come along to Saturday's CPAC open evening and say hello but sadly the wind stopped play. I am also trying to find an elusive dark spot on Dengie.
  4. The kayak has gone :-( Time to change my picture?

    1. Uplooker


      That looks like a Pyranha or a Prijon. What happened to it? Unfortunately I sold all mywhite waterk kayak gear 7 or 8 years a ago due to marriage and kids

    2. Seymour Klearly

      Seymour Klearly

      It was an Eskimo. Most of my paddling is on estuaries or quiet rivers and I spent more time going round in circles. So I sold it and will be picking up a new tourer this weekend

  5. I got one for Christmas and it has really improved set up time and general searching. Just need to remember to turn it off once I have found what I am looking for
  6. APT downloaded. Now just need some clear skies

  7. We were there last week and only managed a faint green glow. Ah well, I'll have to book another trip. Did you do the mass market tour with Gray line or a smaller firm?
  8. Welcome to SGL Physicus. As a fellow Mac user, I would be interested to know how you get on with your your one, although there is plenty of advice on here if you get stuck.
  9. I read the OU course a couple of months ago (something to do on the train journey to work) and it said Saturn had 62 moons though not all confirmed at time of print.
  10. Another cloudy night in Essex so time to play with some software. I have just loaded up a Parallels VM of Windows 10 beta with Registax and deepskytracker. I am fairly new to stacking and haven't made my mind up which one I prefer yet - struggling with both to be honest :-). Both have downloaded and set up with no problems so far. My aim is to work with a few DSOs next time the clouds break. Watch this space... Does anyone know if there are any issues with either of these apps on WIn 10 yet?
  11. That was way passed my bedtime last night, although I was tempted once the clouds shifted Steve C (another one)
  12. Thanks Blazar, I have an old webcam so will give that a shot. I might also have a go using the DSLR in video mode to see how that works. A lovely picture by the way. As you rightly guessed, mine was suffering from a bit of warm atmosphere, it was also shot between two houses, which didn't help much. Looks like the cloud has set in, so no imaging tonight.
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