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  1. Lots of great images here, lovely to see. I was at work when it happened and the forecast wasn't promising, but luckily enough the sky was clear. I brought my camera and my full aperture solar filter just in case there was a chamce to get a view in. This was my best shot. I kept getting lots of reflection of me and the camera lens in the filter, so I tilted it forward a bit - I guess that's why it is blue around, reflection of the sky above/behind me. Also, i wanted to share this video. A band from the Faroe islands chose a good moment to do a video outside. Beautiful
  2. Thank you schorhr, hoping for that too. For now I have just been pointing it out the window, looking at various antennae and such on the peaks at the other side of the fjord. Snapped a pic of the sunset just now.
  3. It arrived yesterday Have just had time to set it up and have a little play around with it, got a nice view of a house across the fjord about 20 miles away. As per expected, this is what I'm dealing with atm: And the setup, waiting to get its chance to be used properly
  4. Absolutely stunning image, top notch work there. Thanks for sharing
  5. Wasn't my intention initially, but I might try sticking my dslr on there at some point. Just have to wait a few days for everything to arrive now. Looking forward to getting it all set up and , inevitably, see it standing there while waiting for a clear night.
  6. I read a fair bit about this zoom, and there are certainly mixed reviews - as in some love it for the convenience, some only want fixed focal lengths. It was my understanding that it suffers most from the narrow field at lower power, but is a quite good EP on higher power. I did think that since it is 1,25" and 2" it will get some use in the 2" focuser of my (possible) future larger dob I did consider the alt az goto mounts, and it took me a while to make my mind up there - seeing as the eq mount does seem to need some getting used to. In the end I just got a bit put off that it needs batteries or a power source to move at all, and I think that would probably frustrate me more in the long run. And without the goto maybe I will get to know the sky a bit better too. It does indeed come with the red dot finder. I've been playing around a bit with stellarium lately. Certainly a nice tool too to begin getting aquainted. I had not tried the ocular views there, so thanks for pointing that out.
  7. Thanks The weather gods are not pleased, it's snowing now... I got the skywatcher eq3 one, it does come with 10mm and 25mm EPs. That 6mm wide angle looks nice, affordable too. That 2" adapter means it will come straight from the OTA right, and I might need a 2" diagonal as well? You do make a point about the added weight for these mounts, certainly not something I considered when I ordered the hyperion 24-8mm zoom..haha I thought that would be a nice feature for a new stargazer, find the object with low power, then zoom in. I also got some baader solar filter foil, and a filter set from TS including a moon filter, and 5 coloured ones. It's a start
  8. Allright, enough with the going back and forth. I started down the path of getting the best from both worlds, and just ordered a 5" Mak No need to apologise for the oncoming bad weather near me, as we just had a little hail storm here. Can't get much worse for the season really. Thanks again for all the advice and well thought through posts schorhr, much appreciated. Now hurry up UPS
  9. Still just exploring options really. I guess I am looking for the one scope to use for everything, which probably is a bit naive I still like the maks for size, but they do cost more. I should really just decide on something, and actually point it to the sky. My budget as of right now is 1200eur, so that's the range I was looking in. Could buy a 10" dob, and a fair bit of accessories for that really.
  10. Takk for det, Pondus. Yeah those 925s sure look nice too. I'm still just waffling about though, changing my mind every other day, especially when i see the possibility to increase my budget. skywatcher mak180/2700 on eq5 2" diagonal. Celestron sct203/2032 on neq5 1.25" diagonal. These cost the same, and are within my current budget. How do these OTAs compare? Does the extra inch of aperture on the celestron make it the better choice, or would I need a 2" diagonal to see the benefits?
  11. Thank you Tums, yeah this might be the most newbie friendly forum I have signed up on too. I'll stick around I don't have any cliffs nearby Schorhr, can I run it over with my car instead? Teleskop-express offer the 5" either on goto mount with 6x30 viewfinder, or on eq3 with red dot finder. And it seems the goto pack comes with a x2 barlow, but not with the eq3.
  12. You make a lot of sense schorhr, this thread has been very informative. I think the appeal of the flextube is part storage/size (I do have a small car, but you are right a full tube would fit in the back seat), and part vanity, as in I think it looks cool.. hehe. So the only downside I have seen with it is the no solar observing, and it does cost a bit more. In any case, I have a nice tax return coming in a few months, so I will hold off on the larger scope until then, if I indeed get smitten enough with the hobby to want to upgrade. And seeing as I plan on a dob later, I would prefer my first scope to not be a newtonian, indeed so it can be used for other things as well. With looking at all kinds of different scopes, I keep coming back to the mak though, either 102 or 127. Think I might actually go for that. Being compact, less collimation issues, less fussy of EPs and more grab and go type (except cool down) appeals to me for now. I will reference, and maybe resurrect this thread at a later date though, if when I need more advice
  13. Sorry? Quite the contrary my friend, you deserve a medal for that post. Safe to say that some of it is still over my head, but I'll have a good time browsing and looking at all these suggestions. I did expect that the flextube design wouldn't lend itself well for solar observing, So since I am going into this hobby now - I am so far north that there won't be that much useful darkness until after the summer - So I think I will wait with getting a light bucket to see the fainter stuff with until then. Gives me more time to know what i want. I don't know if the EPs that come with the 250px are real plossl or not, though the specs do indeed say so: http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2491_Skywatcher-Skyliner-250PX-FlexTube---10--Dobsonian.html So I guess my main objective now would be to find a scope suitable for planets and brighter stuff, maybe a slower scope so the EPs don't make or break it in the beginning. Maybe something like a f/11.8 mak http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3570_Skywatcher-Skymax-127-SynScan-GoTo-Maksutov-127-1500mm.html or a f/8.33 refractor http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4779_Skywatcher-Evostar-120-on-EQ3---Refractor-telescope-120-1000mm.html Or something in that price range. Not too keen on needing batteries in the goto, can it even be moved without them? Don't exactly need an eq mount either, but it's not a deal breaker. And I will probably get a solar filter and a polarizing filter. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6235_Astrozap-Full-Aperture-Glass-Solar-Filter-for-Tubes--124-130mm.html Are there any advantages to these glass solar filters over the baader foil filters? From what I understand the baader ones give white light, and the astrozap glass ones give a yellow/orange view? Had no idea there would be so much to consider going into this
  14. This seems to be a good place to be new, even more welcomes. Thanks again Thanks for this, lots of useful advice and things to consider. The more I learn, the less sure I am of what I want though. Price wise I wouldn't mind going for the flextube even if I would have to be more selective on the EPs. How are these 25mm and 10mm super plossl EPs that are included anyway? Need upgrading quick? I wonder, would the flextube even be advisable to use for solar observing with the potential stray light? The stray light protector is probably not meant for that. At this rate I might end up with a smaller scope for planets/sun/moon - and a bigger one for the fainter stuff. My credit card shakes with terror.
  15. Thanks for the added welcomes everyone I guess I will start with planets/moon/solar observing, but I'd prefer to not limit myself to not being able to see some dso's as well. I went to my local retailer and had a chat, and by the time I got out of there he had recommended a mak127 as a nice portable all-round scope. But then again I see that I can comfortably fit a 250px flextube within what I'd be willing to spend. The flextube design seems very nice for the space saving aspect, and for fitting in my car, But does it have much negative effects on maintaining collimation? Obviously my next thought is would a 10" dob be a scope I would dread to lug around with me - not exactly a grab and go. Choices choices I'll get there in the end
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