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  1. Yes I'm getting the flat area, and thanks for the advice on the EP's you're right in get used to the one's I have first. Running and walking and all that.
  2. Bought my first scope and it's the popular astromaster 130EQ MD. The guy had set it up once and never bothered again so I was able to purchase it for £90 plus a small delivery charge and as it's a starter scope it really finished any arguments there and then. The problem I have is the seating for the tightening screw on the dec. slow motion control, I cannot seem to get it tightened enough and it ends up travelling, the RA seems fine and perhaps when I attach the motor that too will fine but I had no intention of attaching the motor at this early stage. Has anyone a bodge for this? Only two le
  3. I've just got my first scope and it has a red dot finder. As I am still familiarising myself with it that may be the problem, but they seem a little awkward.
  4. OOps, no edit button. With the earthbound being within the narrow spatial was the intended meaning.
  5. There was a reason I asked about orientation but didn't make myself clear enough, sorry about that. What the problem is is an old head injury and until I checked I wasn't able to explain fully what the problem is. It occurs within spatial awareness. Near too in the immediate spatial area I am fine just about all of the time although things occasionally drop out of the internal picture, however as soon as I push the envelope to the greater picture I have a problem. What happens is that I lose part of the right forward spatial quadrant internally, it's just a patch but of course it damages the '
  6. Yes I can understand that as I am looking for a little structure but not too much, more an overall structure to fit some of these things in, but I have the Messier lists saved as they will be useful eventually. Saw a comment as I've been digging round to the effect that even though it is not going to be anything like the images we can drag of the net it's going to be 'real' so to speak, and that is just how I feel. A physical presence at the time one is observing no matter how faintly defined, or in the case of some of the brighter objects how well defined.
  7. Cheers all, think the idea of simply going out and eyeballing to begin to orientate myself is a fair point and easy enough to begin with and give the turn left... book a high priority. Got the possibility of a few hours clear in the coming week according to the Beeb.
  8. First off can I say thank you to all the warm and friendly replies to my introductory post. I am still looking into telescopes, trying to get a good deal, however I have set myself some rigid constraints as it's no use going silly when one is so new to it. Willing to take a little time rather than splurge all at once. What I aim to do at the start is to take in the easier bright objects eg: the moon for an obvious start. At first before I travel conditions will be quite heavily light polluted so I'm not expecting too much. So the bright objects I am hoping to find with a little trial and error
  9. Hi all. Not even purchased my first telescope yet but found the forum through searching for one, will be asking you questions in the advice forum before too long and hoping you don't mind too much. I joined as you are all obviously keen and from what I've seen free and fair with the advice. As with many I watch many of the space related videos on the dreaded tube and have NASA and the JPL amongst others on my speed dial. However until recently had never thought of a scope of my own, the sheer enormity of the subject can be a little intimidating but I have decided to take the plunge. There's no
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