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  1. Umbraldot


    Welcome to the forum
  2. Umbraldot

    MONSTER .........AR 2321

    AR2321 now fully on the disk. The north and south leading sunspots are not linked by penumbra but there is a large penumbral patch between them. Much the same configuration as yesterday but more smaller spots within the group. Bright plage around AR2320 as it nears the SW limb. There's also an interesting dark arrow head type filament just south-west of AR2323 and a fine T shaped filament in the NW quadrant. Four prominences but all pretty small stuff.
  3. So much depends on your location and how dark your sky is locally. From a real dark sky site the Milky Way is quite unbelievable it's so clear; I first mistook it for annoying cloud when I found my first really dark site. Dark adaption of the eyes after 20 mins or so plays its part if your site isn't so well blessed.
  4. Umbraldot

    Hello from Utah USA

    Hi James and a warm welcome from the dark skies of NE Scotland
  5. Umbraldot

    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum Luna
  6. Umbraldot

    Hi from Sydney, Australia

    Hi Matt welcome!
  7. Umbraldot

    MONSTER .........AR 2321

    Counted 9 spots in the biggie this morning, three big penumbrals spots leading two of which are connected by an elongated north/south penumbral region. Quite unusual and intriguing configuration. Looking forward to seeing the full group fully on the disk. Fairly bright plage with it too when I viewed at 1200 UT remnant of the earlier M class flare.
  8. Umbraldot

    The sun @now@

    Just about over now. Lifting and fading from the northern end.
  9. Umbraldot

    The sun @now@

    1331 UT it's lifting and breaking up. Almost off the limb northern pillar and southern pillar in process of collapse
  10. Umbraldot

    The sun @now@

    That's one huge active prominence. Northern eruption almost straight up then billowing plasma clouds towards the southern anchor. Breaking up in parts.
  11. Umbraldot

    White Light 3rd Jan 2015

    Nice sketch. Well done noting that Northern pore. It wasn't easy to see even in good conditions.
  12. Umbraldot

    Decent Sunspot

    AR2222 is just over the CM in the southern hemisphere. Elongated lead sunspot visible to the protected naked eye. Anyone else confirm that? H-alpha very quiet. Four small filaments counted. Small detached plasma cloud off the west limb and another small blob to the south of it and that's about it. Some brightish plage with AR2222 and AR2226 indicates they are still pretty active. New sunspot over the southeast limb looks quiet.
  13. Umbraldot

    Sun mosaic WL 2014/07/26

    Good pic!
  14. Umbraldot

    Sunday Morning Sun

    Thanks for the excellent report. It's raining up here but makes no difference as the telescopes are packed away for a while whilst I move; hopefully to somewhere sunnier! Hope to be back in action in the autumn.
  15. Umbraldot

    New member

    Hi Luckyman. You've got a great Astro Society in Leeds so go along there if you've not already joined. Welcome to SGL.
  16. Umbraldot

    Midlife Crisis

    Welcome back to astronomy. You do know that now you will have no time whatsoever for anything else once the bug gets you second time around?
  17. Umbraldot

    Sun Today 17 June

    Sun splitting the sky for a change here. One of the new groups over the SE limb, AR2093 is bright in plage this morning. There is also a small bright spot of plage near the SW limb close to quite a large prominence hearth with a nearly detached plasma cloud. The two long filaments near the eastern limb are still obvious but have moved away from the limb a little from yesterday. There's a new single pore trailing AR2087 and AR2093 has developed a small pore to the west. White light count, 2 groups north and 4 south, R = 80 In H-alpha 9 prominence hearths, mostly small and 6 filaments on the disk.
  18. Umbraldot


    Welcome Gubby
  19. Umbraldot

    Saturday 7th June

    Nice morning before the storms are due to hit midday. AR2085 in the SE quadrant, south of AR2080 has developed substantially overnight from small Bxo type group of just two pores to a Dac sunspot group containing several penumbral sunspots, ten spots counted in total within the group. A new group has developed in the SW quadrant (AR2084) to the SE of AR2077; a small Bxo group of just three small sunspots. In total 6 groups, 2 north 4 south, R = 96. In H-alpha yesterdays filament is still visible although I didn't think it was quite as strong. There's a nice prominence hearth on the SW limb containing several elements and a long faint spike on the NW limb. Eight prominence hearths counted in total but all fairly small. Only 3 filaments seen including the long curving one between AR2079 and AR2080. Plage seen with AR's 2080, 2082 and 2085.
  20. Umbraldot

    7/6/14 White light

  21. Umbraldot

    A swift PST sun 7/6/14

    Nice images Jarrod. You've captured that faint prominence. I had quite a job seeing it; averted vision brought it out from the glare.
  22. Umbraldot

    Saturday 7th June

    That will be AR2082 I would think as the lead sunspot was pretty big. Sadly I forgot to look for PNE spots!
  23. Umbraldot

    I hate June!

    Noctilucent cloud season is upon us and your northern horizon is good. Look NW a couple of hours after sunset and NE early the same before sunrise.
  24. Umbraldot

    Hello from Cleveland, Texas

    Welcome to SGL
  25. Umbraldot

    Hi from Tuscany

    Hello Francesco and welcome

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