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  1. I just picked up a pair of the 10x50s in my local store... Seem tidy enough on a very quick inspection.
  2. Oooo very tidy work! Much neater than my home made filter!
  3. Yes, thanks philsail1 I'll try to bear all that in mind when I wander down there on Monday...
  4. Hi David, I can offer you some slight insight from my brief experience of a home made filter using this material... It will allow you to view the Sun in "white" light which in reality has a strange blue tinge too it. Attached is a very poor image I took whilst testing out my filter At the moment, as you can see, the Sun is rather devoid of surface activity If there were some Sun spot action going on you would be able to see it with this type of filter (as far as I know, never actually seen any yet!) This kind of filter doesn't show up the prominences that explode out from the edge of the disc, as they're really rather faint relative to rest of the Sun! I've certainly never seen one anyway. I managed to pick up a Baader Solar Continuum filter cheap, which is claimed to improve the details of the surface (the granulation I think it's referred to as) but again I've not seen that thus far. It makes the view go green, due to the fact that it trims out some of the light spectrum. Don't get me wrong, all of that probably sounds quite negative, I've enjoyed looking at the Sun, and I've only tried a couple of times, so there's a good chance the seeing conditions were just too poor for any kind of good view. Now I'm just waiting for a big, fat and juicy Sun spot to zero in on! Personally I think for the ~20 quid it's worth a try as it gives you more chance to get outside and using your telescope! Hope that helps a bit. G.
  5. To be honest I've only had my 150 for a month or so, so I've not had all that much chance to see things. Last night I had a stab at locating the triplet in Leo, I think I saw them, very dim grey smudges... But that's the extent of my efforts If you're going to use the moon for alignment I would suggest picking out a smaller crater, otherwise the alignment wont be very precise... Also if you're using the moon you need to be quick as it'll move from centre as you try to correct the finder!
  6. I would also recommend Stellarium, an excellent free application! Right then, same scope as me, and I can assure you that it's more than capable of giving you a lovely view of Saturn! I tend to start out with the 25mm to locate it, even with this you can see the rings, and then move on to the 10mm and Barlow etc. Perhaps you need to work on your basic set up a little? To get the view finder and telescope aligned I actually use Saturn as I've always been able to find it easily Perhaps there is a terrestrial object you can use instead? Like a telecoms tower with a light on a few miles away or similar? Use the viewfinder to get in the ball park, and then move to the telescope with the 25mm eyepiece. You might need to scan around a bit to locate the target at first, but once you do move it to the centre of the view. Then switch back to the viewfinder and adjust the screws to get the finder cross hairs on the target. This should be better tuned now, so you can turn you attention back to Saturn
  7. Try this out... It's a pretty tidy web-based planetarium. Neave Planetarium ...the sky in your web browser You need to look South-South-East ish, moderately high in the sky. Saturn is currently sitting underneath the constellation of Leo, below Chertan (which is closer to Saturn than Regulus). You should really be able to pick out Saturn easily with the naked eye. It's very bright and has a bit of colour to it. I'd be surprised if you could not see the rings. Do bear in mind that the rings are side on at the moment though, so you might just see a line from either side of the planet. What size scope are you using? My guess is you were looking at the wrong thing I know I still have issues translating what I see with my naked eye and what the view finder shows me... Best of luck! It's VERY well worth looking at
  8. Yeah, I love t look at Saturn It's usually my first stop of a night, and then a quick last one before packing up at the end. It seems rude not to! Those images are very rough and ready... Due to the manual tracking element I kept the avi captures down to about 10 seconds, so I only had ~300 frames to play with from the start. Then take into account the wodge of horribly blurred ones from where I adjusted the RA. The only processing was the basic Registax work up for stacking. I'm a total n00b at all this so atm I'm just feeling my way, trying to get some kind of a work flow together. It's great fun though (and a potential money pit!!)
  9. Hope you don't mind if I join the party? I managed to grab my first ever astro images on Thursday night (28th). Target: Saturn! They're certainly not much to write home about, but I'm still pleased with them as a first milestone... I did a fair bit of experimenting as I was trying out the new Camera EP I acquired... It's basically a Trust Spacecam 380, at least that's how windows detects it... Although it's a CMOS device it has a large sensor, giving me 1280x1024 images @ 15fps. This first image is running it at 640x480. It's not bad, you can see the rings passing in front of the main body... Just. I've just realised that I have neglected to record the number of images stacked. DOH! From memory I think it was circa 200. The next image I went for the big one It's pretty fuzzy, I think I overdid the magnification with my 4X Imagemate here... It's picked up on some colour which the earlier one did not, but it's less well defined. Like I said, I'm not going to win any awards with these, but they're a start, and I hope that I can only get better from here! All of this was done with an unguided scope, so I was tracking by hand every few seconds during the captures . I hope that once I get some drive motors, and perhaps a focussing unit I can get much better images. Defo still much to learn!
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