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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I hope that I will contribute to the forum as much as I benefit from it.
  2. Humble thanks, everyone. Sundancer10, the Sirius is an equatorial mount, and is compatible with future upgrades including goto and drives. Thanks for advising - sure you're right in that I shouldn't hardwire my rig in light of what I think will be optimal right now.
  3. Tampa is lovely, from the tourists' eyes anyway. I went there to visit my uncle, and we also went to Orlando. Apparently the sky is clear there often, it was throughout my visit a few years ago. I am new here myself.
  4. I am pen-friends with a girl from Peebles!
  5. Hello everyone, I am an engineering student based in Fort McMurray, AB. I am new to astronomy, but am keen on taking up some backyard astronomy at the conclusion of this very intense academic year. My other interests include writing/recording/listening to music, collecting fountain and dip pens, and calligraphy etc. Interestingly enough, I have definitely found myself a home in Engineering. So I expect to buy a telescope this summer, and I have what seems to me to be a pretty solid plan: get a non-computerized Orion Sirius mount (because I can get it bundled with a wide range of Orion telescopes), with something on it. That is where I am a little confused. I am thinking of either a bigger [8''?] Newtonian for the BFB factor, or a good small doublet APO. Smaller SCTs are not out of the question as they seem to be a nice compromise between aperture and portability. I have done tons of research, and my lead prof is an astronomy PhD. Maybe this is not the right subforum for telescope selection, if so, please do move this thread. I live in one extremity of my small city. Most of the people in my neigbourhood turn their lights off at night, and I have a very open view of the night sky. There is a streetlight at the front of my house (not visible from my potential viewing location), and some straight ahead in the distance. I wouldn't have to drive too far to get to a really dark site, but I want to just work from my backyard in the beginning. Back to the plan - get a stripped-down, telescope-and mount rig, get a feel and appreciation for visual observing, then start thinking about AP. That is the ultimate goal, but I want to first have my fun with observing. I would appreciate everybody's input, especially about the telescope.
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