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  1. Its not a bad shot John..... Alan
  2. Brilliant programme, watched it twice now!! Alan
  3. I've tried it in my mates 17.5" at kelling last autumn in excellent conditions and failed, and we used a h beta filter.... Alan
  4. Its a hard objct to get right, you`ve even got the propellor!!!! Alan:D
  5. I wish my unguided images were this good!!!!! Alan:D
  6. moocher


    Autoguidings a wonderful thing (when you can get it to work!!). Another corker Mike!!! Alan:D
  7. Mike thats a stunner!!! Alan:D
  8. Thats a great looking pic!!!!! Alan:D
  9. Havn`t even seen a star here for the last week or so John nevermind Saturn! Alan:D
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