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  1. You have no understanding of the technology being presented. Sometimes it is better to say nothing at all than to speak or write..................
  2. I got it really bad.....I start shaking if I don't get my astro fix.....shiny things make it better!
  3. I signed the online petition & sent the following email to my MP- have you done the same & badgered your MP- come on our skies need YOUR input..... "Hi Caroline, I’ve just signed the online petition to potentially debate & legislate the issue of light pollution which is infecting all areas like a cancer. I’m a keen amateur astronomer based in Marston green. I’m completely fed up by my garden being bathed in horrible sodium streetlights which blaze all night for no reason & interfere with my enjoyment of the night sky. I visited Cornwall a few months back at
  4. With the success (at least in my mind) of the Crab nebula image & M101 I decided that it was time to couple a full frame camera, the Atik 11000, to the on axis guider. Problem was that the model I purchased would only go as far as medium sized sensors so an upgrade was needed. I just blew the best part of £1500.00 on the full frame upgrade- and I'm not even sure if the results will be worthy of the investment but I think I did enough research. I will let you know how I get on. The part I upgraded to is below: https://www.innovationsforesight.com/products/full-frame-on-axis-guider-onag
  5. Really like the M27 image you've done a great job with the new improved images. It amazes me that we are now producing results as good as the large observatories- okay we may not have the image scale or detail but our renditions and colour balances are simply stunning- we are really pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve and for that we deserve great applause. A+++ to you all and I can't wait for the dark skies to be back!
  6. Sorry I came late to the party I've been away in real life. I quote from a Cloudynight forum post "but for the C11 Edge, at f10, it says it's fully illuminated in a 16mm circle, and falls off gradually to 83% out to 42mm." So- as I always suspected Celestron are somewhat liberal with the truth about there Edge specifications. I have no problems with the Atik 460 being fully illuminated at any focal lengths but I suspect the KAI 11002 on the Edge 11 at 0.7 will hit problems as the chip is 37.25 x 25.7 which may well illuminate at F10 but at F7 I would expect significant vignettig making it
  7. That's a good start. The image has a significant blue cast that could quickly be removed with a bit of TLC- you could if you have Photoshop use GradientXterminator to remove the cast or a bit of post processing in many of the image processing packages. It is hard to see how good the image is until the blue cast is removed.
  8. Thats a nice image considering the conditions. The light pollution does not look too bad either. Well done!
  9. I figured out what is wrong.- your giving in to defeat- you need to work through all the issues you have & find solutions by asking on the forum. It is much too easy to give up but it's a lot more rewarding to find solutions & conquer the demons. Do you think that anybody imaging on these forums have faced issues any less daunting than the ones you face. Arm yourself with knowledge & work the problems you face- it's the only route to success.
  10. it's my best friend.....I danced with her all night!
  11. Don't be discouraged as M101 is a very faint target. My images recently posted have integrated over 45 hours of data. If you look at M101 in your image you will notice it has a lot of speckles. This is indicative of not enough RGB data i.e. the data is noisy- you simply need more subs & its nothing that cannot be corrected with more data or what you can escape from. Also you may have pushed the saturation too hard as you have blown out star halo's A star mask would help you to bring out the colours in the stars by increasing there saturation slightly & not affecting the galaxies b
  12. I would amend your comment- perhaps to "I hope the bulb goes out..." as you will fall foul of the moderators!
  13. That's a really nice image. I love the fine filaments. This is one of my favorite summer objects although the veil is positioned from my perspective under a sodium street light!
  14. Thanks Carole- I'm going to redo this image next year with the Atik 1100. It will be more suited to the image scale of my telescope & will have ample room for cropping- so no silly HA errors!
  15. The HA layer is below- this is captured as 21 30 minute subs on the Atik 460 Baader HA filter- your welcome to use it if it is of any use in your work- just give me an acknowledgement if used. I can post the raw file on dropbox for you as a Tiff if you need it. PM me if so required.
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