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  1. Oh sorry Please forgive me for this error. Here! Small sketch on the Pillars of Creation. In astronomy, the Pillars of Creation refers to a famous image of columns of interstellar dust taken April 2, 1995 by the Hubble Space Telescope. The structure is located in the Eagle Nebula in the heart of the open cluster M16 (Source Wikipedia) To my sketch, I used the photo of the friend Frédéric Lambert Sumptuous and complicated Messier 16.
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    Hi everybody

    hello and welcome to SGL
  3. Goodsky

    Hello All

    Hello and ty mike!
  4. hello and welcome to SGL
  5. hello and welcome to SGL
  6. hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hi Folks

    hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hi all

    hello and welcome to SGL
  9. hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hi.. from kent.

    hello and welcome to SGL
  11. hello and welcome to SGL
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    photo35 vert

    From the album: Astronomical Art

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    Astronomical Art

    My Artistic Work with rocks, minerals and natural pigments. � Each photo with which I worked, was kindly lent me by a friend amateur astronomer. � I got right to the picture. This allows me to learn my craft, and take them to my pictorial exhibitions, in my area. It took place in my book and I'm proud!. � I thank, with all my heart! for their trusts.
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    Hello All

    Hello to all and thank you, good sky
  15. humm it is beautiful! beautiful light and soft colors
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    Hello All

    Hello and ty tood,bunny,pm,and charon :cool:spend a balmy day
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    Hello All

    Thank you all for your messages of welcome
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    Hello All

    Hello and thank you AirbagUK, trazor, Star Forming, Spock, floppygoose yes yes I take this opportunity, thank you
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