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    Astronomical Art, painting exhibitions, nature, photo, blues and jazz music, traveled to the heart, pictures of friends amateur astronomers, long walks on the coasts Normans, live, breathe and feel good in a bubble.
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  1. Oh sorry Please forgive me for this error. Here! Small sketch on the Pillars of Creation. In astronomy, the Pillars of Creation refers to a famous image of columns of interstellar dust taken April 2, 1995 by the Hubble Space Telescope. The structure is located in the Eagle Nebula in the heart of the open cluster M16 (Source Wikipedia) To my sketch, I used the photo of the friend Frédéric Lambert Sumptuous and complicated Messier 16.
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    hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hello and ty mike!
  4. hello and welcome to SGL
  5. hello and welcome to SGL
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    hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hi all

    hello and welcome to SGL
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