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  1. It's generally accepted in the US that Homo Sapiens are the cause of global warming. And yes, it's true..Americans use much more power resourses than they should.
  2. Vanilla

    Hello All

    A warm welcome to you, billy comet. Nice to have you aboard.
  3. That's funny. (being that you caught it) Could have been worse. At least you didn't get a phone call >> "Dear Sir: According to our records, the Keck 1 is not for sale"
  4. You Said: "I only got into visual astronomy earlier this year with buying my first binoculars, and this week my first telescope, so i guess this hobby is getting pretty serious for me." Aha !!...We captured another one! Be prepared, my friend, to spend huge amounts of money on your new hobby. :) Seriously..A warm welcome to a wonderful site and wonderful members.
  5. Vanilla


    Wonderful to have you join. A warm Welcome.
  6. A warm welcome from Tampa Bay. I love this site.
  7. Very happy to have you join the forum. You get an entirely different sky to look at and explore.
  8. I use a Marine battery. They tend to have a much deeper and longer lasting charge than a regular car battery.
  9. So the stars and heavenly bodies flip when you pass a certain point? Yes, I 've seen this phenomenon every time while flying to Australia. Boy!..you reach this certain point and wham!!...everything flips around. (The pilot of the 747 has to also flip the plane for everything to look correct).
  10. "Does anyone know where we stand legally if we were to take to the paintbrush and paint method to just paint out the sides of the lenses, leaving the light to shine straight down? " I know someone who did just that. (painted the side of the light) I certainly don't advocate doing anything like that.
  11. A decent work horse laptop is a dell inspiron 1520. (4 Gig) They sell on Ebay for around 150-200 US dollars
  12. Vanilla


    Hi Gubby and glad to have you with us. I'll look forward to your videos.
  13. Seems like it would be caused by the sun peeping though a space in the thick clouds as it sets......illuminating the east clouds.. (thinking..) No..that couldn't be it. mmm...it's pretty anyway.
  14. Welcome to a wonderful place!
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