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  1. Hi again everyone, Been a bit of an unlucky week really, after the elation of my scope being delivered on Saturday i've still not been able to use it. I had hoped the power supply i had for my slimline PS2 would also power the scope, sadly after looking into it it wasn't the correct voltage so after driving round shops in my area at 10.30PM nobody sold the size D batteries that the scope could also be powered by. It requires 8 of the via an external battery pack. I ordered the correct power supply Sunday night so it hopefully will be here within the next day or 2 and if its a clear night i'll be doing my first ever observing session that day As i plan to do a lot of observing away from my house in darker areas would the advise be to purchase a power tank for it? I've been tempted to buy a car adapter but like the idea of the power tank and the light/extra features would come in very handy.
  2. Took the advise on board and ordered ' Turn left at Orion', all the reviews seem to say the same about it being very accessible for beginners. Thanks for the heads up
  3. Well, firstly i must say thankyou to you all for all your kind words and i'm already feeling welcome, something i had initially not anticipated as i genuinely knew nothing about the scene / forums before registering and what the protocol was. It really means a lot to have so many welcoming replies on my first post. Arrived back from work tonight hoping that a box with the word 'Celestron' would be waiting for me. It was, sadly it was only a tiny box that had the moon filter i ordered the other day in it . Fully expecting my scope to arrive either tomorrow or friday, tonight is a gloomy night here anyway so wouldn't have got much view of the sky. Here's hoping the weekend brings clear skies, i'm off work friday till tuesday so weather permitting i will have my first look through a telescope this weekend. Just about to watch the first episode of 'Cosmos' , the new one. I have the full set of the original CS ones but decided to take a look at this one first, partly due to the quality it will look on my TV but also because i will be watching it with my partner who has only a passing interest in the subject, something i want to fuel in her in time Again, many thanks for the welcome.
  4. Thanks for the advise, i emailed the Blackpool and District Astronomical Society around a week ago but not had a reply yet, they have a meeting coming up this monday and they site says beginners are welcome so im going to pop along. Im extremely excited about going to it. I looked into astronomy forums and this seems to be a very active one, get used to seeing me around
  5. Hello people I have a feeling this site will be an invaluable resource as well as a meeting place for new friends Well i'll start with a little about myself, i'm a 30 year old from Blackpool who has always wanted to buy a telescope and 'get into' stargazing, this week i finally took the step to get off my backside and purchase a telescope. My son is coming up to 4yo and its a hobby that i want to grow and share with him during his formative years. After doing a little research ( maybe not enough?) I bought a Celestron SkyProdigy 130 for what seems to be a really good price I'm a absolute beginner and the scope seemed to be ideal for someone like me due to the automated setting up process, even though i'm wanting to learn from the ground up on the subject This post is basically just to say HI to everyone, i plan to spend a lot of time on the site and want to learn as much as possible Thanks for looking! Lee
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