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  1. Thanks Paul. Yep, definately re-focus when I change anything and it definately works better with the 10mm compared to the 25mm.. weird. I will check collimation tomorrow, in the meantime I'll mail the guy I bought it from, maybes get another one sent out.. worth a try lol. Many thanks Bex
  2. Thanks a lot for your help, Paul. I have just gone and tried again (luckily Jupiter is out!) and pulling the barlow out slightly makes the image bigger whereas I need it to get slightly smaller. It does work better with the 10mm compared to the 25mm but I would expect it to work properly with both? I even tried it on a star and it was still slightly blurry. On their own the eye pieces work fine but I will have a look at colimation also. I was hoping I wouldnt need to as it sounds scary lol Many thanks Bex
  3. Hi Paul Thanks, I'll try that. Actually, I think it's that cheap it doesnt even have a make!! It doesn't say anything on it and the ebay listing just say it's standard, I did check the reviews and they were favourable. I do know it's plastic though and not metal Thanks
  4. Hi everyone! This is my first post so be nice haha! I've recently bought my first ever telescope, Skywatcher Heritage, and although it came with 2 standard eye pieces, in preparation I bought a 2x Barlow and a moon filter. I only bought cheap ones because I'm very new to the world of telescopes and didn't want to pay too much in case I inadvertently did something wrong, like buy the wrong size or something! So I had a look on ebay and got them from there. Now, I haven't used the moon filter yet but with the 2x Barlow, it doesnt seem to focus with my scope. I re-focus when putting a new eye piece in and refocus again when I put the Barlow in but my focus thingy on the telescope tightens all the way and it's just not quite enough to focus fully with the Barlow. I was wondering if this is just because its a cheap one and if I pay for a decent one it will work better? I didnt want to go out and buy a more expensive one just for the same thing to happen. I have litterally got the scope out of the box and started so I haven't messed with anything other than getting the red dot finder sorted. The eye pieces I have are a 25mm and a 10mm. Many thanks Bexidoodle
  5. Hi Everyone Wow it's been a while since I joined a new forum! So... Im from Newcastle-under-Lyme and I have recently bought my first telescope and managed to use it properly for the first time last night. I amazingly saw jupiter and it's 4 moons and now just want clear skies all the time! I've been interested in astronomy since I was very young, I scoured the internet looking for advice on which telescope to buy and it seemed that Stargazers Lounge came up all the time when offering advise and guidance and it is thanks to SGL that I changed my mind from a Celestron Firstscope to a Skywatcher Heritage - SO glad I did!! I now realise just how much more there is to learn about observing - will there be enough clear skies to learn everything?! I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to taking my new 'scope to my mums caravan in Wales next week as there is NO light pollution and when its a clear night, it is extrordinary with the naked eye, let alone my new toy I look forward to conversing with everything in the forums! Bexidoodle
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