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  1. terry67

    orion nebula

  2. welcome...and clear skies to you
  3. welcome stan,,and clear skies to you
  4. terry67

    Eyes Up

    hi sammy and clear skies to you
  5. hi gary and welcome,,have fun with your new equipment and clear skies to you
  6. hello and welcome,,,,have alook first as they can be heavy to move about ,,,,,,and happy shopping
  7. terry67

    Hi from the UK

    hi steve,,,and welcome,,,hope you enjoy your new hobby and clear skies to you
  8. welcome aboard fellow surrey stargazer,,,of coarse when theres no clouds
  9. hi tom,,and clear skies to you
  10. terry67

    Hi everyone

    welcome and good luck
  11. welcome ,,,,,,we are all out of our depth as we are but only young compared to the universe
  12. terry67

    Hi, new here!

    well what can one say,,,,,,hi
  13. hello and welcome,,,and clear skies to u
  14. terry67

    New Member

    welcome fellow, i too am from surrey an suffer the dreaded light pollution,,,,,but you can still see some amazing things
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