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  1. Thanks for all your replies, according to the post "what should I expect to see" I am already seeing just about everything I can expect to see with this scope. With this scope I can see on good days the cloud bands (transits) around jupiter, so I guess there is not much more I can expect from the scope. I still think that a zoom lens for a grab and point user would be a good idea though.
  2. And my world came crashing down. Booo... Page one, thread one.:(
  3. Thanks guys, but instead of me buying lots of different lenses would something like a Celestron 8 -24mm zoom eyepiece 1.25" suite me for quick grab and view sessions or am I wasting my time again. Are these lenses variable or do they click for each lense like 8m 12m 16m? Now to find any easy way to get this scope to track the sky, I wonder if there is an easy way other than aligning it up with certain stars.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. So as someone who is a very occasional user and the reason occasional is because it seems hard work. Lets say I have 8mm lens in the scope and I look at the moon (this is just theory) and I have a nice clear view of the surface but I want to bring the image closer to look lets say into the crators. I cannot zoom I have to change the lens to a stronger 13mm, but what I find is that that lens may be too strong for what I need and its just blurrey. On top of this I never set the tracking up on the scope so by the time I have fumbled about in the dark changing
  5. Thank you for your replies I will take it all in and post back later.
  6. well I thought I would raise this thread again as the weather may just be turning and my interest is starting to peak again. I've got the skywatch skyscan 127 with goto and a number of lenses, this scope is so under used and having two years I bet its not been out more than 5 times. I am looking for another lense but I think I want a zoom lense. I really should have bought one instead of the williams 12.5. As someone who is new to this scope I just seem to have lenses that are a certain magnification and the adjust on the lenses just brings them into focus instead of being able to zoom in, am
  7. Thanks mate just had a play again and worked out how to do it, no lens and had to turn the camera into video mode. This was the only setting that allowed the camera to take a shot in manual mode without a lens. Just taken a couple of shots of the neighbours roof tiles will give it a go tonight depending on conditions. Thanks
  8. Hi guys I have a skywatcher skymax 127 and also a cannon eos m. I have bought the t-ring to attach the camera to the skywatcher and have been messing around but I have still not managed to see anything other than the tube of the scope. I have put a 25mm lense in line but I just don't know how to manually adjust the focus on the cannon. Can anyone give me any ideas basically for a dummy to get started as I'm not very clued up on the cannon eos-m and it all seems very strange trying to take a photo without the cameras lense. Thanks
  9. Just an update guy got the williams 12.5m eyepiece and a t ring to match my canon eos-m to the mak127, but could someone please answer this for me. Just had a very quick look and the t ring screws directly onto the base of the scope ok and that will connect direct to the camera but where does the cameras lense go and were how do the lenses fit into the equation? I knew something of an adapter but could not see one to buy.
  10. Hi guys. Very new here I am looking to get my cannon eos-m to take photo's through my skywatcher 127 skymax. I would like to buy from first light buy I need advise on what is needed. I think I need the t ring for cannon eos-m but what adapter do I need to buy? Thanks in advance
  11. Ah right so with the 10mm I can see the brownish bands just, I've just been through the site sponsors website and they have the 12.5mm William Optics SPL at a good price. I also want to buy a camera adapter as I have a nice cannon eosm with a few good lenses sat here doing nothing. Shame I cannot see jupiter as I expected maybe too, did I make the right choice buying the skymax 127 as the other choice was the skywatcher 200p but it just seemed far too big for the space i had available.
  12. thanks guys for all your replies.
  13. Thank you for your replies so far, money not really an issue so just did some googling on the hyperion 13mm is that a good lense? It looks masive. What type of price whould you expect to pay in the uk as the prices I saw from us ect at around £100.00. With the lenses that I have viewing with I don't understand how anyone could see say the spot on jupiter the images are far away or too blury. With this is mind am I doing something wrong with this scope, the only adjustment to the scope is the one to the right of the eye piece the one that brings the object into view. There are no other way
  14. Hi guys Hope you don't mind me posting asking for some advice I have the skymax 127 skyscan as shown in the link below. Link is from forum sponsor so I hope that does not break any rules http://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/skywatcher-skymax-127-synscan-az-goto.html I got the standard super 25 and a super 10 with the scope and a 2 x barlow. The super 25 gives me a nice clear view of of the sky and jupitor appears nice and clear. The 10 brings jupiter closer but all I can make out ar a very faint outline of some clouds. I bought a recommended skyatcher 66 ultrawide 6mm long relief eye p
  15. Hi mate, new here myself so thought I would drop by and say hi.
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