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My first telescope ...


In my dim distant past, I packed groceries and collected shopping trolleys for many weeks in order to save up the AU$120 needed to buy the scope of my dreams; the Tasco 12TE 2.5" refractor ( all others being completely beyond the ability of my 12 year old self to earn enough money to buy ! ).   Sadly, after just a few years, it came out less and less and finally stayed in its box until I sold it many years later ( which I now deeply regret ).

Fast forward half a life time to 2014 and my second telescope was a 10" Skywatcher f4 carbon fibre reflector on a computer controlled goto mount.  Definitely an upgrade :)

In the last year I have upgraded again to a 12" Orion Optics CT12 scope, off-axis guider and large capacity mount ( Skywatcher EQ8 ), which, together with my relatively old and unmodified Nikon D5300, I happily control from inside my nice and warm roll-away shed ( sorry ) observatory.

Mike O'Day

Sept. 2017





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