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  1. Cheers Pete, I'm beginning to see the light (?) and have decided that I'm going to go for another modified DSLR from Cheapastrophotography. With some custom WB I will be able to use it in daylight/other situation rather than just a dedicated AP unit. My original unit decided that it has had enough and gone to the great camera graveyard that is the local skip, well...., what actually happened was that I fried it trying to adapt the power source to my powerpack ?. But heyho, one lives and learns...
  2. Hi Julian The combination would be the DSLR with an 8" Newtonian and DS stuff, with Nebula and Galaxy's being the main targets. I'm aware of the difference and the challenges with getting the correct filter for street lighting, we've just changed to the LED's around here (Scottish Borders) and can cause some issues, however, I'm fairly near some reasonably decent dark sky's so not overly fussed about that aspect of filters. Logic tells me that the removed, modified camera will not need a filter but to be honest I'm not sure if that logic is correct. Which then flips me over to
  3. Hi Could someone give me a bit of advice, please? I'm looking to get a new AP camera, I currently have a 1000d (modded by cheapastrophotography) and would like to know if I should go for a modded again or a stock camera and buy a filter to go along with that. If I go for the modded, should I buy any additional filters e.g. Light pollution? or if I purchase a stock Canon what filter(s) would be recommended to use, and as a supplement question, do the filters do a 'better' or 'worse' job than the modified? Thanks in advance for reading this and any help will be appreciated!
  4. Hi Can you help me please? I have an AVX and would like to have the thoughts on the community on an issue I have. On the AVX there are 2 Orange decorative covers, under each one it covers a tension ring, which in turn one of them covers 3 grub screws. Now the question, how 'tight' should 1) the grub screws be? and 2) tension rings be? Should they be VERY tight? moderately tight? or just nipped up? I suspect that it should just be nipped up and allow gravity to keep the mount in place when in use, but not sure. Supplement question would be, how would these grub screws and tension
  5. Thanks Neil! very good advice, I think I will go for the un-modded and take it from there, and probably the Canon 1100D also. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in with advice, very much appreciated. Cheers Phil
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if someone could recommend a DSLR for AP, and would it need to be modified in any way for me to use? Thanks Phil
  7. Hi, I'm thinking of moving up to the above scope and mount, my question is this, I'm wanting to move in to Astrophotography and would be interested to have opinion it the above set up would allow me to start me off. The camera bit comes a bit later on, I cant make my mind up with DSLR or CCD so will concentrate on the scope and mount part of things first. Thanks in advance Phil
  8. Philkib

    How much...

    hmm, not sure, I did hear a story once.... but that was many years ago...
  9. Philkib

    How much...

    more can we take? I've had a weeks of mist and fog, rain, clouds and some more rain to boot, not a glimmer of the night sky have I seen, then what happens?... we get a sand storm to really muck things up! I'm going to live on the top of Ben Nevis! Disgruntled from the Scottish Borders Phil
  10. Welcome, 'may your sky's always be clear' Phil
  11. Philkib

    Hi everbody

    Hello and welcome! happy days ahead!
  12. I'll see what I can do, but don't hold your breath! right now I would be happy with an hour window, but it's not looking good, it's still raining!
  13. Hi and good to see you! pity there's clouds out!
  14. hi A good place to be! I do have a scope but looking to have some sound advise on an upgrade to what I have, Celestron AZ70 Phil
  15. Hello, Today?Clouds and wet, last night? clouds and wet, forecast? wet and cloudy at least things are changing! Hi All, Been recommended to visit this site by my group in Peebles, hopefully to expand my knowledge and get some good advice on all things astronomical. So far I have been enjoying browsing this site for different bits and pieces. Looking forward to using this forum to help me getting some good advice from people who have done it before and understand the issue newbies sometimes have. Cheers for now Phil
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