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  1. If you drop FLO an email stating the outer circumference of your scope at the objective end then they should be able to tell you which one is suitable for your 200p. They didn't have one in stock to fit my Intes Mak so had to ordered me one in from the suppliers. Another classic example of FLO's awesome customer service
  2. Another vote here for the BST Star guiders. I loved the first one so much that I went & bought the whole set to use with my 127mm SCT. Nice, crisp views & the twist up eye cups are really comfortable for prolonged viewing. They won't break the bank either. If you get one from Alan at 'Skies the Limit' he's always happy to accept returns if it turns out not to be suitable for you.
  3. Is the thread on the diagonal nosepiece a standard size or do they vary? I'm talking about the end that screws into the diagonal housing, not the end you screw a filter into. I recently purchased an iStar Optical 2" BK7 dielectric diagonal for a bargain price. Bit of an obscure brand but it seems to have received some favourable reviews & I'm pretty impressed with it so far. However, I was hoping to replace the nosepiece with an SCT adapter so I can screw it directly to the back of my Mak, but can't find any info on the thread size. Anybody got any ideas?
  4. Thanks to you all for your input, much appreciated. The 10mm Luminos seems to be one that gets quite a few negative comments so I'll probably order one & see for myself. If the EOFB isn't too much of an issue then may well start adding to the collection. I agree with Chris too. I've always been happy with my BST Explorer 25mm but many have said it's one to avoid. Either I'm not so critical or there's some 'jumping on the bandwagon' going on when it comes to negative reviews. Thanks again chaps for taking the time to chip in.
  5. Thanks, Spacewalker, that thread was an interesting read. Looks like the EOFB is a subjective issue that bothers some more than others. Maybe I'll take a punt on one of the shorter focal lengths & see for myself how intrusive the brightness is. Plan B is to head down the Explore Scientific 82's route but I'm not a fan of those roll down eyecups & eye relief seems very tight on some of the range.
  6. Planning on upgrading my eyepieces in the near future & quite like the look of the Celestron Luminos range. Bright, sharp views, good eye relief, 82 degree fov & twist up eye cups tick several boxes but reviews seem to show them as a bit hit & miss. Edge of field brightness seems to be the biggest gripe but many reviews don't mention the scope being used. Has anybody used these in F/10 scopes & could offer any comments, good or bad?
  7. I was thinking about mounting one on the top puck of my SkyTee-2 mount. The jaws of the clamp open to a max of 48mm so I need to be sure of the Telrad width.
  8. Thanks, Ruud, I'd seen that earlier which is what prompted me to ask the question. Other sites have it as being 45mm wide. I know its only a 2mm difference but it's important.
  9. Hi Folks, could someone who has a Telrad handy please tell me the width of the beast? I don't need to know the size of the base as I wouldn't be using it. Just need the physical width of the main body itself. I've seen a few sizes quoted on various websites but really need the exact measurement as it's crucial to my mounting plan. Thanks in advance.
  10. Having continually struggled with fine focusing on my Intes M703, I was toying with the idea of fitting a Crayford focuser. However, with funds being a little tight, I decided to go down the DIY route. So, ladies & gentleman, I present to you the ACME deluxe fine focuser Mk. I. Easily fitted over the focuser knob & it works a treat. Total cost = 50p for the plastic coated Terry clip. All I have to do now is find a good hiding place for when the wife notices the handle is missing from one of her kitchen implements
  11. Well, here's my meagre offering. No green and black here because even the threat of such things sends my wallet into a blind panic
  12. I was wondering if any of you fine fellows who own one of the ADM Vixen style saddles could answer a question for me? Could you please tell me if the ADM saddles close tightly enough to be able to secure a 40.6mm wide dovetail bar. Yes, I know it's a strange size & it's proving to be a bit of problem.
  13. Yes, I've seen the Baader/Vixen puck on the FLO site but with only a couple of screws pushing against the dovetail I wasn't sure if it would be secure enough. What sort of scope are you mounting?
  14. I have a question regarding the SkyTee-2 mount I purchased a few months ago. I have been offered an Intes Micro Alter M703 scope at a bargain price but unfortunately I cannot mount it on the SkyTee-2. The width of the dovetail mounting bar on the scope is just shy of 41mm wide and the pucks on the SkyTee-2 do not close tightly enough to accommodate the narrow width. I had already planned to replace the original mounting puck with one of the ADM Vixen-Style saddles but would this solve the problem? If not, could anyone suggest an alternative mounting puck/saddle that would fit the SkyTee-2 mou
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