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  1. Try to visit it in a sunny day as it´s really nice. We stayed at Mullingar during the weekend and I brought my 127Mak with me. Saturday night was absolutely clear, with a very dark sky and with one of the best observation nights i´ve ever had.
  2. Grand! Now we only need a dozen of friends to adjust the altitude...
  3. I was thinking in a new scope when I found what I was looking for . Ladies and Gentlemen, my new 72' reflector!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leviathan_of_Parsonstown I don´t know why, but my wife said that there was no enough space for that in our backyard... This is the Leviathan of Parsontown or Rosse six-foot telecope, located at Birr Castle, which was the largest telescope in the world from 1845 to 1917. Really nice and impressive; and something to think about the next time you use your scope at home with your fancy mount and your hi-tec lenses... if you have any chance to visit Birr, yo
  4. ISS Detector. Very useful to locate the ISS and some satellites. It will tell you the starting point, max °, time, magnitude... try it. Astro panel for weather and observing conditions. (Just in case) Enjoy. Best regards, Garcia
  5. Thanks to all of you for the feedback. I think that I will go for the QHYCCD 5-II L color as starting point for imaging. A mono camera is not what I'm looking for as I don't want to spend additional money in filters and I prefer to go step-by-step with this. I hope to publish some pictures soon! Best regards. Garcia
  6. Hi, I have an old webcam at home and I've been playing with it the last number of days, trying to figure out how this thing works with imaging. As it has been interesting, I'm just considering to start with imaging with something better than that, but I'm a little bit confused about it. I've been checking in the topics but, as it always happens, you never find exactly what you're looking for, or the answer to your question is so fragmented that is hard to follow... So, these are my questions: My scope is a Skywatcher 127 with AZ GOTO mount so my expectations are not really high, just some pl
  7. Hello François. Welcome and congratulations for your images and animation. Simply amazing. Garcia
  8. Hi, I have that scope too, and you must slide the tube through the rails and tight the screw without any fear. The tube won't move at all. The position of the screw is a little awkward as people say but, once you fix the tube it's not usual to dismount it, at least for me. If you need something else, let us know. Enjoy and welcome! Garcia
  9. It seems than JemC was faster than me at the keyboard... Garcia
  10. Hi, Have you tried Stellarium? It's free and, if you don't find exactly what you need, you can run your own script based in the existing ones. You can contol your 'scope with it I hope this helps. Regards, Garcia
  11. Welcome Luc. It has been the beat self - introduction you could do. Really nice pictures. Congratulations Garcia
  12. Garcia

    Hola everyone

    Thanks to everybody for the welcome! Garcia
  13. Garcia

    Hola everyone

    Hello, My name is David and my sky is located in the Southeast of Ireland (known as the sunny southeast, but I can't find the Sun since time ago) I love the space and the astronomy because my father (and Carl Sagan) showed me the pictures from the Voyager when I was a child. Thanks Dad, thanks Carl. I've been taking a look to the forum in the last day and I've enjoyed the comments and tge sharing of knowledge from all of ye. Thanks for that. See you! Garcia
  14. Not really nice weather here for the last number of weeks. Lots of rain, mist and clouds. And the worst part is that I ordered a Baader solar filter few days ago ...And this is the Sunny Southeast!!!
  15. Thanks for the info. However, the weather seems to be terrible (again) during the weekend so... I´ll try with a different "Cosmos" at National Geographic Channel on Sunday Regards,
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