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  1. I went today with some friends from Macc Astro Soc. It was very enjoyable. And offered the chance to see new kit. The one that intrigued me was. A prototype CCD camera, complete with LCD screen. This is very similar to the fold out screens on DSLR's. I thought that would be a great tool for focusing the CCD/Telescope. I picked up a nice 50mm Altair guider/finder for my new 115 ED. And a colleague picked up a ex-display IEQ25 from the same people. The show is well put together.
  2. That's fast Chris. For me, and depending on which telescope I am using. It normally takes between 5 to 10 minutes to get everything set up. All I do is plug all usb leads in and fire up SGP or APT. I also keep my G11 on a permanent pier.
  3. Nice to have you back Carole. That is a very nice image of NGC 281. LP can be a P in the A. But we know. It can be beaten with the right filters. See you at Kelling?
  4. I suspect your problems are in DSS. If you have not already done this. You need to open DSS and select Settings-Raw Fits DDP settings and select the camera you are using. That way you will see your stacked image in true colour. Also you can follow the many tutorials on the web to help you. Like this one https://markwalkerscreenwriting.wordpress.com/deep-sky-stacker-tutorial/ And this. http://www.budgetastro.net/deep-sky-stacker.html
  5. Welcome to SGL. I've noticed your location. From 26th to the 3rd October it is the Equinox Star Party at Kelling Heath. Saturday October 1st, there will be talks and trade stands. You should be able to get plenty of advice on equipment and maybe, get the chance to look through a telescope during the evening. See website- at http://las-skycamp.org/?tfd=y Celestron 6" SE or 8". Will be a very good starter telescope. Giving you hours of enjoyment.
  6. Good morning all, I was very fortunate to finally grab some photons last night. The skies were clear, and I was thankful they were. It's been too long since I did any CCD or DSLR imaging. NGC 7000 and IC 5067/70. Just about fit into the field of view of the EOS 1000D with my ZS 66SD and .08x reducer flattener. Seeing was pretty good. At 23:30hrs I spied the Pleiades rising. And to their left sat Perseus and Cassiopeia. A sign that we are now headed into Autumn. This picture is a stack of 8x600 second exposures with flats added.Capture was via SGPro, PHD2 guiding. I took particular care not to over do the red nebulae seen here, during processing in Startools and CS5. I need to add dark frames when using a DSLR. So I will make sure I do that next time we get a clear sky.
  7. I'll be there Monday to Monday with Paul C, in the red field. Think it's 365 or something. I will have my OMC 140 and Sky Watcher SA and Ioptron MT2. Plus other stuff. Say hello.
  8. Yep- Another excellent result from the Whirly Observatory. Nicely processed, with. Plenty of detail. And. It should be clear again tonight.
  9. That's an easy mistake to make.
  10. Saw Venus at 17:08 bst. I used the Sun to start me off. MT2 and OMC 140. At 83x. Venus is at gibbous phase, and despite it's altitude and proximity to the Sun, quite steady. I found Jupiter which was a ghostly orb, set in a deep blue sky. Followed by Arcturus and Spica. Sadly my goto was off so I couldn't find Vega. MT2 and OMC140. At 83x. Venus is at gibbous phase, and despite it's altitude and proximity to the Sun, quite steady. For a laugh I found Jupiter. Followed by Arcturus and Spica. Sadly my goto was off so I couldn't find Vega.
  11. I feel your pain Ian, I too was under the impression that it would be a nice sunny BH for once. But know. Just like the rest of the Summer. My skies are rubbish. I have a PST ready. According to Metoblue. The skies should be clear around 11am. The animation is very spectacular. Was this taken using a Solar scope, or Quark?
  12. You can't beat those first light views can you. But how did you manage to do that so soon. Miracles do happen. What do you think?
  13. You will enjoy using your C9.25. I bought mine from FLO in 2012. It is the Fast Star version with XLT coatings. It was the best decision I ever made.
  14. And so would I The 120 certainly looks a good telescope.
  15. That looks mouth wateringly delicious. I hope you can get first light in a day or too. What is the connection with Televue?
  16. I first saw the arrival of the Sisters at the very beginning of August, when the dog wanted to go out, and I wanted a water break. That sky was fabulous. Auriga was dominating the East, and to his right, lower down. Messier 45. From this weekend, onwards. Orion will be better placed for observation/imaging from 03:00hrs. I am so glad the dark nights are back.
  17. I am still waiting too. I am also alarmed at the price of subscription. It seems expensive when, a popular American magazine can be bought for less than AN are asking. And for the same 12 months
  18. That's nice Chris. As you say it's a big one. Hopefully I will get something this week, if this weather holds.
  19. Cloud all night long in Cheshire. And. Clear as a bell as I type this on works t break. Flipping typical....
  20. I heard the news of Peter's passing, on Tuesday evening. I was stunned. And even now. Can not believe we have lost a him. Astronomy and the BAA/SPA lunar sections, will be lost without him. My thought's are with his family, and close friends during this sad time.
  21. PaulB

    Hello all!

    Welcome to SGL Snipe...
  22. I'll second that. I was up at 0330/ And noticed how "Typically" clear it was on a week-day. Bring on Autumn with the earlier start, to astronomical dark.
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