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  1. That is very nice. I saw this object visually through 15x70 B's from Kelling Heath. It is nice to see an object that, looks like its name sake.
  2. What Scope will this be used with? Orion US Ultrablock is a very good UHC filter. If you have an SCT. They make a dedicated filter that screws to the visual back. 1.25 filters. I have a Baader UHCS that is very good, and good value.
  3. Hi, Gang. Anybody here knows the outside tube diameter of the OMC 140? I want to buy a Dew Shield. I suspect an AstrozZap 5” Celestron 5SE: from FLO will do it, but I am not altogether sure. Any advice, please?
  4. Hi Michael, I have just done a web search via Google. This book is very common, but why is it so expensive? I found the Red edition for £26 but nothing lower than £38 for the Second, Blue, edition. Have you asked Owen, or anybody else from the Webb DSS?
  5. Afternoon stargazers. I hope you are all enjoying this crazy ~Summer weather today. I have another day off work, that coincides with a cloudless sky. The Star is very quiet with very, little, activity visible. There were some tiny prominences visible. But nothing to compare, with. What has been seen of late. Surface detail is low with only small filaments visible. There are two small spot groups, that are surrounded by faculae towards the NE. These may change over the coming days, and might even grow.
  6. I know this site very well. The first 2 PSP events were organised there. In the Spring and the following November in the early naughties. It was run, by a group from UKAI, in conjunction with members of the White Peak Observing Group. I stayed for the November meeting. And boy was that one cold. But the skies were, as far as I can remember. Pretty dark and for the most part. Clear. I hope you all get some clear skies. We sure do need em... If this one is a success. What about another meet before Kelling Heath. Perhaps in August?
  7. That's a nice picture. I've never thought of taking a picture of Kemble's Cascade. Now I have seen this. I must have ago, with my 135 telephoto and modded 1000D But sadly. The weather gods are not playing ball!
  8. Funny you should say that John I have a 35mm Ultima and a 24mm Panoptic. I can also use 2" eyepieces with this MCT. I have a TS 2" star diagonal and Baader 2" visual back. I don't have any problems regards vignetting. I think I will stick with what I've got. And wait for some clear skies, so I can use the OMC 140. Last time I did any visual observing. Was at KH last Autumn. That's how bad the weather has been. I had some very good views through the eyepieces I have, at Kelling. But now we have Galaxy season. I want to use the OMC again. I will see how my 35mm and 24mm eps perform.
  9. Hi Louis, I started out in 1990, as a visual observer, before switching to digital imaging. I brought the OMC 140 last year, to use with my IOptron MT2. The idea was, to start observing DSO's but also double stars, from our society's local dark sky patch. It has enough light grasp for observations of a good number of DSO's. It would be very interesting to try out a reducer. And that has given me food for thought. I have a F6.3 reducer for the C9.25. So I might try that. Thank you for the advice.
  10. I have the deluxe version of the, Orion Optics OMC 140. But at 2000mm fl. I really need a suitable WF EP for observing DSO's. I suspect a 40mm giving 50x mag, would be suitable. Does anyone here have any recommendations?
  11. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-resources/how-to-align-your-newtonian-reflector-telescope/
  12. I can well recommend the IAS. Parking is free because it is on site. But the venue is big with plenty of space for retailers and movement. I've been to IAS twice now. And will go again in October.
  13. Thank you Wim, Now all I need are more clear skies.
  14. Sorry to post another image of NGC 2237. But I have now spent more time working on the processing, and getting the colour right. It took a while to do. But I think I am happy.
  15. Considering the short exposures and equipment. I think these picture are outstanding. They are all sharply focused, clean (free from noise) with nice tight round stars.
  16. That is really good, I am beginning to like these cameras.
  17. PaulB

    NGC 2237

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. Here is another rendition of NGC 2237. This time I have corrected the colour and reduced stars.
  18. PaulB

    NGC 2237

    Thank you all, I will post this to you all later this afternoon, after work.
  19. PaulB

    NGC 2237

    Thanks Ken. I have hlvg, so will give it another go. Glad you liked the picture.
  20. Hi Guy's, Took this picture of NGC 2237 last Thursday 26th January from my home observatory, here in Cheshire UK. It is a 3hr exposure using 60 x 180 second frames. These were captured using a 200mm Pentacon lens and modified Canon EOS 1000D. The camera was riding piggyback on my Losmandy G11. Darks-Flats added to the stack. Then processed in ST- AA and CS.
  21. This might be of interest. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/231175658_The_return_of_the_Andromedids_meteor_shower
  22. I have had connection issues also. Plug in the cable, BEFORE, you switch on your Gemini and also your Computer. Then switch on the computer, let it finish booting up. Then turn on Gemini. Press the handset to select your start up mode. Then, using the ASCOM- Gemini Telescope- app on your computer. Try and connect. You could also look in Device manager to see which port is in use with the R232. And make sure you have the same port set in the Gemini App. You could also use wire wool. And carefully clean the R232 socket. I also did that. You might want to replace your CR2032 battery too. If you still have issues. Go to. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Gemini_Users/info That's good advice from Dave
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