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  1. That's a new one for me too. Very nice image Luke. The 428ex is a good camera, isn't it?
  2. Hi Gina, It is a similar scenario for me. Very clear and very cold. I have the camera (1000d) plus my new Tamron 70-300 lens attached to the G11. I have focused the lens on the Moon. But. Now I see a blanket of cloud rising, like a Phoenix from the ashes. In the North-West. I hope the skies stay clear. I get so fed up when it's cloud every night.
  3. I am a big fan of these widefield vistas. This one is very good.
  4. It really is a credit to you. I love the colours and the contrast. This is on my to-do list.
  5. That is very nice. How did you combine your luminance with your RGB frames?
  6. That really is bad news indeed. But I hope you are able to claim your losses on insurance.
  7. That is a superb image, Peter. The ODK is a great telescope, and I would have one. But for the weight. Welcome back.
  8. This is brilliant. It shows the nebulae nicely. DSLR cameras have certainly come a long way. What is APP?
  9. I know there is a list of US-based Astro imagers on the net. But I was wondering whether there was such a list, for UK based astronomers?
  10. What are you drinking. I want some. But you're right. It does look like a hypo wallowing in the water. Nice image.
  11. I will be there Saturday. I am hoping to hear three lectures.
  12. Thank you, Rodd, I need more data and clear skies. The skies are. Sadly lacking.
  13. Good afternoon, Here is Messier 27 from last weeks ESP Kelling. Altair Wave 115 EDT Losmandy G11-G1-L4. PHD2-QHY5II 9x50 finder guider. 15x300 seconds without darks or flats Stacked in DSS and PP'd in StarTools and CS5
  14. You make me so envious Steve. I've not had a clear enough sky in ages. All your images are superb.
  15. I agree with you, Tim. I can well remember in the 1970s seeing more Sunny days and starry nights. Particularly during the winter months. Of cause I didn't have any astro gear. I was but a lad. Fast forward to the 1990s. We had better skies during that decade than the present one. I well remember the Summer of 1994 when Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. We had a grandstand view under fabulously clear summer skies. During the 2000s. My skies have worsened. Not only is the Jetstream to blame. But also the large numbers of flight traffic, outbound-inbound to MIA and elsewhere, causing contrails that slowly spread across a cloudless sky. I now appreciate how lucky we are to get a decent night. BTW: Nice write-up in S&T.
  16. Nice observing report. I'll be hunting down OC's this week from the ESP at KH with my OMC 140.
  17. I was reading this with a smile on my face. The thought of the TV 60 trotting over and proding you. Made me laugh. It is a nice report. I hope you have more observing sessions with Moose.
  18. It's good to know there hasn't been any long-lasting damage done. Despite all the gizmos available for weather prediction. I wouldn't trust any of it. The weather is so unpredictable here. I would be a bag of nerves if I owned and obsy that was fully robotic.
  19. I can't imagine how you must be feeling Martin. But I hope that you are able to get it all dried out, and the equipment working again. Good luck.
  20. SVM-HT has been brought from Ian King Imaging. He had one in stock. And the correct screws are coming via Toolstoday.co.uk I bought a pack of 100, 4-40 x 1/2" Socket Head Cap Screws. These are the correct ones for this motor. The size is given on the SVM-HT Losmandy instruction PDF file. I have asked Ian to let me know when he has more in stock, so I can replace the working DEC Maxon. Then I will have a pair. It's sure nice to know. I'll have the beast running again. And ready for some Autumn imaging at the ESP from September 18th.
  21. And that is what I am going to do. I'll get the motor and gearbox, and the right mounting screws. I telephoned Losmandy and left a message, telling them what I want, and giving them my email address. Fingers crossed. I might have everything before Kelling.
  22. Yes. And OO in Newcastle. I am awaiting a reply from Orion. And also Telescope Service. Losmandy don't look. Read. Emails. And I don't want the cost of a phone call. To the USA. So. I am, as it were stuck?
  23. Good morning I want a replacement motor for my Losmandy G11. But I am having trouble finding any here in the UK. I can buy direct from Losmandy. But. I am certain that I will have to pay duty. Does anybody know we're I can buy one?
  24. I thought they did ham it up. My feed kept dropping. So I switched to USA Today's coverage from Salem. This coverage was better than NASA TV The eclipse was longer there too. On my laptop. It looked breathtaking. I am grateful for the internet, to let us watch these celestial events live.
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