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  1. Hi Guy's, I currently use a Atik 2-HS with PHD and find the software doesn't work below 2 seconds and drops frames at an alarming rate. I believe this is because PHD and the 2-HS share the same windows drivers. I have been looking into a replacement camera for guiding and possibly Solar System imaging, and noticed the QHY 5 which is reviewed on here. Do you have any problems with using PHD with this camera. Is it more stable when using a camera with it's own separate drivers, than the 2-HS. And would you recommend the QHY 5 as a suitable upgrade to an Atik 2-HS.
  2. Hi Reggie. I can also send you an image taken last night. Sorry Dark Knight, I didn't see your reply. I don't think that it is collimation because. I can see tiny movement after each 5min down load. So It must be Guiding, and It needs fine tuning.
  3. Thanks Reggie, I will try that tonight. I was wondering what the OSC was all about. And I have never had it between .03 or .07.
  4. Hi Guy's I am using PHD to guide my G11 and I am having problems with frame dropping and guiding. Firstly the Frame Dropping. If I select anything below 3 seconds the screen goes blank but only for a very brief second then recovers. If I choose to guide around the 3 seconds mark this problem is more periodic. I use an Atik 2HS and an IBM T23 running Win 2000. The next problem is my guiding. Using PHD and the 2HS I have difficulty in getting nice tight round guide stars. I usually calibrate on my guide star at 2000ms and every thing looks good on the screen. But when I take a 300 second exposure using the Artemis capture software, my stars are not round, they are slightly elongated. I use a William Optics Zenithstar 66sd (388mm) as my guide scope. And I image using an SPX 200-800 F4 from Orion Optics. The imaging camera is an Atik 16ic with Baader MPCC attached to a filter wheel. My settings in PHD are RA Aggressiveness 54 Hysteresis 20 Calibration 2000 Everything else is at default. Can any body here offer any useful advice?
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