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  1. I use mine with PHD 2 "Drift Align" No problem. If you wanted to be more precise you could centre a bright star in your eyepiece and align your guide scope. But it doesn't really matter.
  2. I have a C9.25 it is by far, the best and only SCT I have ever owned. It was a review I read by Damion Peach that made me buy one. I don't use it half a much as I should. But when I do use it. I can see what a good telescope this is. Save your pennies.
  3. You have a very good image there. Colours are spot on and the detail is there in NGC 891.
  4. I use a Cygnus Astro scope coat to keep my Losmandy G11 protected. They are 100% waterproof and do the job. https://neilross758.wixsite.com/cygnus-astro-covers
  5. I think your image of Messier 31 compares to the one Robert Gendler produced many years ago. The hours you have put into producing this master piece, as paid off. We don't usually get to see the Ha regions so clear and sharp as we do in this one. And the detail in the galaxy and spiral arms is quite astonishing. Now you're next project has to be M33?
  6. I am on T 166 22nd to 30th and in the same field as the UKAI team. I'll have-G11-Gemini 2-Altair 115 EDT- DSLR-Atik 428ex etc - Sky Watcher SA- Eyepieces -Laptop with red screen- PST and other kit. Oh and the Tent . I want to image and observe, hence the Celestron. But also do some widefield imaging with my Megrez ED80 II. I hope this years EQSP has better weather conditions and I also hope people don't go mad buying up pitches. I was lucky to get mine this year.
  7. That's fantastic. The colours are spot on and you've managed to pull out a wealth of detail in M27.
  8. Hi Merlin66 I have been in touch with Meade but they are unresponsive. So. Rather then mess about going around in circles. I brought a Maier filter.
  9. I have the filter here and it is the ITF which has gone bad.
  10. Merlin66 Thank you for the confirmation regarding the red filter. If it is just a blocking filter. Are they available?
  11. Good morning folks, I have a PST which is approx 4 yrs old. Thankfully it is still under the five years warranty that Meade gives you. The reason why, I am, pleased about the warranty cover. The little ITF filter on the PST where your eyepiece goes has become opaque. I noticed recently a deterioration in the optical quality. The Sun in a cloud-free sky was beginning to look dim. I am alarmed, to say the least, that this has happened. It is through no fault on my part, the PST has been kept in a warm and dry environment. I have been in touch with RVO whom I brought it from. Hopefully, they will be able to have the filter replaced, once they have spoken with the UK supplier.
  12. Reading the report. You had a good night. The views through the 15" must be worth the effort after star hoping to target. I too was finally able to use the Mk1 EB over the Easter full Moon bank holiday. I want to know why the skies are only clear at full Moon? Anyway like you. I had a good night observing doubles and some fuzzies with my C9.25.
  13. Macclesfield has been cloud covered now, since the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. The clouds did clear off around 18:00hrs to show a full Moon. It stayed that way for a couple of hours before the clouds gods pulled the covers over. Like July 2018 the eclipse went un-noticed from SK11. I only hope February brings better weather conditions. Less warm and more cold and frosty weather, please.
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