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  1. I have written a blog post about imaging artificial satellites, with a focus on the ISS. Since the SGL challenge is precisely about that, it thought it could be interesting to share. The article is there: https://satelliteobservation.wordpress.com/2017/04/20/observing-satellites/ It has a bit of background in the beginning on satellites and how imaging a satellite is similar to a satellite imaging the ground, plus some discussion about the different types of mount and tracking and of what limits imaging performance. The conclusion is that a dob + a high-speed, high resolution ca
  2. I captured the ISS, it was a 81° pass on the 24th of July, 02:46 UTC. : single frame stack of 18 images I used an Orion XT8 with a 2x barlow, and a ASI 174MM (0.25ms exposure, gain 300) Processing was done in PIPP (cropping) and Registax6 (sharpening, gamma and zoom)
  3. Hi, I saw in the asi174 thread you were using it for ISS imaging. I'm considering buying one to do the same thing, but I'm torn between the 174 and the 178. Do you think the global shutter on the 174 makes a big difference?

  4. As long as you keep the springs on, you shouldn't have any problems. On my setup I can even remove the springs I the target is not too low on the horizon.
  5. I have a vanilla XT8 too, and I use a Nikon 1 j2 + a 3x barlow do to prime focus imaging. It works OK for planetary imaging, since the nikon can shoot 1080p video, you can let the target drift into the field of view, recenter it when is disappears, and so on. It gives the kind of image you can see below. You could probably do something similar with a point and shoot camera and eyepiece projection, if it shoots HD video.
  6. May I ask why you need TDI? Do you want to image moving targets?
  7. I am thinking about a setup for visual observation on a budget, with the additional goals of making planetary photography and ISS photography. My idea is to buy a dob such as the Orion XT 8, along with a good barlow for photography (the barlow should also solve the backfocus problems). So the budget would be around 350€ for the scope and ~100€ for the Barlow (maybe a televue 3x). I already have a nikon 1j2 for sensor, the sensitivity is not great but I get half-decent moon pictures with a small N 76/300 3" dob and a 2x barlow. Is that a good setup idea and which barlow would you recommend? Sh
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