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    Surfing(ocean), old muscle and sports cars, gardening, DIY, fishing, boating, kayaking, healthy eating.
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    south central pennsylvania
  1. Moondoggy61


    Has to be Phillies as my wife is from Philly. Sorry for delayed reply...surgery took me out for the past several months. Moondoggy61.
  2. Moondoggy61


    Thanks all for the warm welcome. Looking forward to many great posts and pics. Moondoggy61 Scopes: 8"SCT, 10" Meade Schmidt/Newtonian, 140mm 4 element refractor, short tube 80mm. Mallincam extreme 2. Losmandy G-11 G2, Nexstar 8Se, I-optron mini tower pro 2.
  3. You can't go wrong with the G-11. i presently use the G-11 with gemini2. Incredible rock solid mount. There is a great support group headed by a "gentlemen " by the name of Tom Hilton. http://gemini=2.com. Can't say a bad thing about Losmandy. There support is superb and they are only a phone call away or email for any needs which may arise. Feel free to email me or whatever if you have any questions on this fine mount, I am not an expert but an avid user. Peter
  4. Many thanks for your input. I found the WO at OPT. They are located in California. Have had previous dealings with them, all positive.
  5. Have seen first 2 episodes so far. I felt samea s others that first one was a little corny, but in retrospect it was laying the ground work for what is to come.2nd episode near brought tears to my eyes...I'm hooked. Yes I am old enough to remember the original series and I feel this series is going to be just as great if not better. Just love SOTI, I want one!
  6. Hello All, I am in the market for a new scope and I think I would like to own a refractor. I presently use an 8" SC by celestron on a nexstar se go to mount. My other scope is a 10" meade schmidt /newtonian UHC, with JMI 2" motorized focuser on a G-11 with gemini2. As I am getting older that set up is becoming cumbersome to move around. I would say that i would probably be doing 60% visual and 40% AP. I would love to own a Stellarvue 130 but it is out of my price range presently. I've seen a lot oin the 130 to 150 range from ISTAR, Explore Scientific.a 120 by Wiliams optice which fall into a price range that I am comfortable with. I would like to stay under $2500.00 for OTA, diagonal, and rings. I definetly want a 2 speed focuser, preferrably rotatable. I have a rock steady mount and more EP's then I care to think about. I have a short tube 80 I can use as a guide scope and a seperate auto guider .I want to stat away from astro tech and carbon fiber tubes. I would greatly appreciate all thoughts, comments, suggestions that you all can afford me. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, P. Fremont
  7. Moondoggy61


    As this is my first post I wanted to say hello to all.A special thanks needs to go out to DAZ for helping me successfully get am account up and running, THANK YOU! Good to be in your forum. Though I am not new to astronomy I am new to this group, so it's nice to be here!
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