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  1. Hello looking for a bit of help and advice, I have a celestron nextstar 8 se with starsense camera and gps accessory, last night 30 Dec I had my first trial set up, all seemed to perform well the info from the gps unit displayed the correct time, and lat and lng on the starsense hand control after locking onto satellites but not the year, that stayed at 12/30/13, today the 31st the display reads 12/31/13, zone +0, dst no, so it is counting off the days but stuck in 2013. I tried the solar system button on the hand set and that displayed visible objects, Jupiter and Uranus but not the moon,
  2. Just picked up my nextstar 8 se mount from the dealers that has been back to celestron for the num error fault that was preventing the starsense camera from starting up from switch on, all seems to be okay now, the feedback from celestron is the problem was caused by a software fault and not the hardware. Still awaiting the gps unit and clear skies, so fingers crossed .
  3. thank you both for that info, when the mount returns from celestron I will tread carefully, and let you know the outcome. cheers adrian
  4. There are two ports on the nextstar mount one is marked as aux the other is marked as guide can they both be used as aux or is the guide port only for guideing , hope you dont mind me asking Peter but I hate plugging things in and not being sure of the concequences Adrian
  5. Just read your topics,to clarify the first mount had a num 17 error that I believe is a handset problem, this was the nextstar handset and the mount and handset were both replaced and worked okay, I purchased the starsense at a later date and had the error model num on start up the camera was plugged into the aux socket and the starsense handset in place . I have the gps unit on back order and I understand when I have that unit the camera plugs into the gps and the gps plugs into the Aux port, unless there is a better way ! . Still waiting for the return of the mount , but there never seems t
  6. Hello proto star I also have a starsense that i bought end of march this year fitted to a nextstar 8 se, I had the same problem from the start the dealer that I purchased both items from e mailed the celestron uk engineer who had not come across this num error before he got intouch with celestron in the states and the outcome at this moment in time is that the mount has gone back to celestron to be assessed and replaced, as a matter of interest when we returned the mount and camera to the dealer we tried another new starsense camera on my mount and it came up with the same num error, we then
  7. Hi paul New to this, is private message in your profile under, send me a message ! Regards John
  8. Thanks for the quick response paul, good to hear you have one that works flawlessly, as others have also told me, must have been a bit of bad luck I got this one ! new to astronomy, had the scope for about a month and seen some amazing sights through the eye piece but found the red dot finder scope supplied with the next star not very good, being tall and wearing vary focal glasses kneeling down and looking through the finder not a good start to the nights viewing. so pushed the boat out and purchased the starsense I had a problem with the original mount and that had to be changed so when this
  9. Just a short comment on the celestron starsense, after picking one up and fitting to the next star 8 se and after carefull reading of the manual when turned on the display reads verifying packages, then synchronisation please wait, after that the message, err nu, the telescope model can not be read and initialisation cannot proceed, check connection of camera and hand control and power cycle telescope. I have been in touch with the uk Celestron engineer through the dealer and he had not come across this error but is in touch with Celestron in the US and has promised a solution to the problem
  10. still reading all the posts and my feeling is that there are more positive comments than negative, as with all new tech there is a risk that issues are not resolved in the software but sometimes a risk is worth taking if it improves the experience, expensive and annoying if it doesn't , it is good to have the experience of you all to help me make a decision, retailers are helpful but are selling the item to make a living so sometimes I don't think you get the full story, I get the feeling the starsense works better with some mounts than others. Thanks Dave & Radec for clarifying my queries
  11. Thanks for that Radec. I did not realise the celestron gps had a aux port for the starsense to plug into, so what you end up with is a inline feed to the scope mount from the hand set and the original plug for the handset in the fork is redundant am I correct in assuming that ? Ps I see what you mean about big bangs.
  12. Hi as a new member I have been following this thread with great interest, recently purchased a celestron next star 8 se and have found the alignemt procedure a bit tedious , also the finder scope supplied with the scope not very handy when wearing glasses and kneeling down trying to centre an object. the celestron right angle finder did seem a good upgrade but for a not to greater amount of cash the starsense seemed even better, from what you all have been saying I have taken the plunge and purchased one from Green Witch at Burstall. From your latest posts a remark was made about using the cel
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