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  1. Did you fix this? Would be interesting to hear what it was and how much hair you lost
  2. If I bought a camera I would buy it from WEX - which I have If I bought a scope I would buy it from FLO - which I have seemples
  3. With my Tal-1 and DSLR using a T-ring I could not achieve focus as the Tal focuser did not have enough inward travel. This may be your problem too. I could just about get focus using a barlow as well...
  4. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-discussion/113308-narrowband-imaging-dslr.html
  5. Apologies if this has been posted before, but a rather nice vid on how to find the supernova M101 Supernova - how to find Clear skies!
  6. The vacuum might explain why there are no birds or helicopters on the moon tho... :D
  7. Hi! from a Newburian too...
  8. Hi I have a Tal 100RS with Crayford focuser. I'm looking to motorise the focuser so I can focus from my laptop when a camera is attached. Has anyone successfully fitted a motorised focuser to the 100RS? Thanks!
  9. After my Email of complaint they say they have now credited my ccard. no apology for selling it to me in the first place though...
  10. No refund yet so Ive sent them an Email as suggested. Has anyone received an apology for them selling pirated software?
  11. Great idea to use a CD. I will try this tonight! I've since bought a Skywatcher Light Pollution Filter but with the constant cloud I haven't been able to try it out yet. I looked at the Astronomic clip filters but dont think they produce one for my model of camera.
  12. Absolutely doing the right thing by learning your way round the night sky with naked eye and binos. Thats how I started. Then when you feel youre ready you can get a telescope and continue exploring the universe maybe this is what Jonathan Ross should have done hehe
  13. Yes my copy seems exactly like this link. I have to say it's a very good 'copy' and needs close inspection to reveal anything wrong. I've applied for a return and refund with Amazon. DHL will pick it up during the week.
  14. Adobe rep has confirmed its not a valid serial number
  15. Mine arrived just now Installed. Serial number appeared ok but... I then got a warning from Adobe that it had already been used. Software wouldnt run after that and kept asking for a new serial number. Contacted Amazon for refund and return Uninstalled Now doing full antivirus scan... Conclusion: pirated copy.
  16. If I had a Tal 125APO I would surely hand it over <crosses fingers behind back>
  17. In a similar vein I have to take responsibility for the opaque skies over Berkshire
  18. Try removing the eyepiece and looking down the tube with your eye. You should be able the objective lens showing a blurry image of whatever it's pointing at. As you move the scope you should see the blurry image change as it points at different things. Once it's pointing at something, put the eyepiece back and try focussing.
  19. one whole year of peace then
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