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  1. Hi and Welcome! I'm from Burnham and run the East Essex Astronomy Club. It would be great to see you there check out www.eeac.co.uk for info on our meets and talks.
  2. Hi guys, you've probably hear this before but i have a 250PDS on an NEQ6 and I've been Finder Guiding but now I've brought a SW off-axis guider but for some reason i cant get focus in my EOS 450D. I've wound the mirror up as much as i dare but i still cant seem to gain focus. Does anyone out there use one or do you have any suggestions i could try? Thanks
  3. Just what i need! I've ordered the bits and i'll do the build this weekend Thanks
  4. I was pointed in the right direction and it was a simple check box in VS2013 under properties / compile / Register for COM interop. My driver is well under way now
  5. I like what your doing, I am building a feature packed focus controller to work with my SkyWatcher motor but I am having issues getting the ASCOM templates to work in Visual Studio. I'll let you know when I get it working it might help you on your quest.
  6. Philips SPC900NC Cooling This mod and others are available on my blog Parts Required Philips SPC900NC WebCam Astro WebCam nose piece Project Box (60mm x 40mm x 80mm) 3x 12mm M2 bolts 1x M2 Nut 1x M2 Washer 1x Toggle Switch 40mm 5v Fan 40mm Finger Guard Modification Process 1. Remove focuser or nose piece from the WebCam 2. Remove the side covers of the WebCam - these are only stuck on. 3. Using a small screw driver push in the two clips on each side and open up the case 4. Now do the same for the grey insert 5. Disconnect the internal USB cable to remove the front p
  7. Hartmann Mask Parts Required (for 8" Newtonian reflector) 10" x 10" sheet 6mm Ply Sticky Velcro 3 x right angle brackets 3 x 15mm screws 3 x Old mastic nozzles 3 x M4 washers What is a Hartmann mask and how does it work? A Hartmann Mask is a simple device consisting of a set of holes in an opaque lens cover. The out of focus images generated by each hole merge when the telescope is in focus. They operate much in the same manner as an optical rangefinder found on rangefinder cameras. The device goes by two different names, with Hartmann mask describing a mask with multiple holes and
  8. Thanks for you nice comments guys, Apparently reading a few articles it seems to be more affective to have a rear fan as side fans don't cool the mirror as well, where as "apparently" a rear fan does both jobs some astronomers have removed the side fans and added a rear fan. I've add the "Apparently" as I haven't used it yet but I plan to tomorrow. The fan is a super quite low vibration fan and I added a speed controller to I could tweak the speed and keep any vibration down to a minimum. I keep my scope in doors as I do a lot of DIY and don't want to get dust in scope, when I finish the renov
  9. Hi Craig Welcome to SGL, I to started off with a 130M and i was really please with it, but started to push the optics to their limits quite early so decided to upgrade after a couple of months. (Check out my blog I've started which may help you out - link in signiture) Jupiter is not that big at the moment and is getting smaller as it moves away. The dot and lines are the secondary mirror assembly which means you havent yet found prime focus. start with just the 25mm eyepiece and you should see jupiter a small disk with a couple of moons, get it in the center and then pop the 10mm eyepiece i
  10. Newtonian Reflector Cooling Fan This mod is also availalbe on my blog 92mm 12v fan (eBay – £5.56) 92mm fan finger guard (eBay – £1.78) 12v fan speed controller (eBay – £4.13) 3mm Black acrylic A3 sheet (eBay – £5.20) 2mtr 12v cigarette lighter extension lead (eBay – £3.88) Sticky Velcro (eBay - £2.39) 12v in-line switch - Optional (eBay - £1.95) Why cool a Newtonian? The resolution of a Newtonian telescope will improve by forcing ambient airflow over the primary mirror, usually with one or more small fans. The wave front of light will be deformed as it passes through a very subtle te
  11. Still struggled a little last night with getting the reticule and the hour angle of Polaris right, should i be matching up the reticule with what i see when I'm NOT looking through the polar scope as the FOV is not wide enough to get the big dipper in as well?
  12. Hi Everyone, I have the Polar Finder app on my Android phone and there is a setting for 'Reticule Type' which has the options Naked Eye/SkyWatcher/etc... When I select SkyWatcher it flips the image (as expected) and changes the hour angle (I would guess 180deg on the clock so to speak). My real question is when I set the date/time and location on my SynScan if gives me an hour angle for Polaris which is the same the Naked Eye setting, which should I be using Naked eye/SkyWatcher or should I ditch the app and just stick with the SynScan? Cheers
  13. Oh ok, I'd seen a few videos on the net about how to polar align and they all had the Polaris circle at the bottom but if it doesn't really matter than I'd rather leave it alone. Thanks everyone
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