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  1. Same here with humidity and clouds. No AP possible at the Moment.
  2. Great ! I guess you do have pretty dark skies, right ? I am sitting here in the red zone.
  3. I have a Nexstar SLT 5" Mak, which is similar, but the mount is slightly lower quality. I think you can do some Astrophotography with a 4se. Of course there are better solutions.
  4. @catman thanks, i have read your post. Here in Germany I have found an onlineshop which sells exactly your solution. For now I will live with the standard cable. But do you know, if it is a cable issue or is it a problem witch the socket ? My eq6 powers down, even when the mount is not moving. . Maybe the solder joint of the power socket is defect ?!?
  5. My NEQ6 Pro has arrived. But I have an issue with the power cable. It seems there is a problem with the power plug in the mount . The power goes off sometimes. Might be a slack joint. I have read threads where people had the same problem.
  6. just bought a new neq6 pro, for 1050€. I think the price is ok. The heq5 costs 920€ here in Germany, so I it wasn' t too difficult to decide.
  7. I think, if you have a tight budget, but you have enough patience, you can achieve remarkable results. At least in widefield AP. These guys produced very good results: https://sites.google.com/site/ciobota/astronomy http://www.astro-imaging.co.za/index.php/articles/equatorial-conversion-slt-Mount
  8. I have an nexstar slt mount as well. Of course it is far from ideal for AP. But, if you really try, even some DSOs are possible. You may find examples in my gallery. They were made in the city with terrible light pollution. Of course they are far from perfect, I know. With more subs, the signal to noise ratio would be better. Obviously with a sturdy EQ-Mount you will achieve much better results.
  9. DerBen


    1st attempts SOLAR SYSTEM OBJECTS
  10. DerBen


    1st DeepSky attempts.
  11. Thanks mate. I will give it another try, if there is a period with clear skies.
  12. My first DSOs. Made with an Celestron SLT Mount an 650d DSLR. I have used an EF 70-200mm 2.8 telephoto lens and a Kenko 1.4 teleconverter.
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