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  1. Hi folks just bought a canon EOS 2000D for astroimaging after years of being Nikon minded and many having many nikons under my belt including F5 film etc I decided to bite the bullet and splash out on the oppositions 2000D.. my nikon D200 has 16mp and is good, but has no live view so.. step in the EOS with its live view and its a bit lighter than the D200 too. i never ever preferred canon dunno why?? but its like something you see in the shop window for days and keep goin back to see but aint sure about . anyway its time for a change so I am actually committed and now looking forward to the Canon EOS 2000D and many nights of the stars and planets.
  2. Hi folks good evening to you all plastic/ nylon gears on the Celestron SLT mounts and general looking after & servicing is it ok to apply some grease on the gear teeth? and what type of grease would that be? my cousin mentions silicone but he's not 100% sure any help would be most appreciated. thanks David
  3. amazon sell cogs and toothed belts in sets thats how i went down that road.. the minute I touched the OTA it shook while i was manual focusing.. frustrating to say the least!!
  4. saves a lot of mucking about I have my OTA in the house in a case along with the laptop out of harms way . i've seen magpies pecking at the cover outside and had to replace it a couple of times I get them from Ebay £9 so £ 18 in three years .. not bad! I was going to keep it in the bunker fully assembled but theres a lot of huge spiders in there.. no thanks..
  5. why dont you keep the mount constantly situated just remove the OTA when you are finished for the night and cover the mount with a waterproof neoprene cover? they are heavy i know and the constantly breaking down and erecting them does create some back breaking work. I have my 127 slt mount tripod fixed north and screwed to the slabs with plates screwed to the legs I just remove the fork arm along with the OTA & cables when i am finished for the night and cover the tripod with a BBQ cover . the EQ mounts weigh a ton so i know what you mean.
  6. Hi Mate i have one of those and as you say it needs a bit of oomph... i'm just running it with the PP3 and its ok for crawling to the point of focus, as i have one attached to the rear top left of my 127 SLT tube via the skywatcher supplied bracket fixed in place permanently with Araldite 5 minute epoxy along with two custom cogs for the focuser and one for the motor along with a rubber toothed belt as i did not even dare drill holes for that motor bracket near the rear of the OTA next to the mirror. the focuser movement on the 127 SLT is quite fine to focus so that too much either way it gets blurred so the slow movement on the hand control suits me fine , the PP3 battery seems fine but i have never really used up all its power so dont know how far it would go before it ran out. I have 5M cables for the focus motor extension cable & the starsense hand controller along with the camera cables straight to my room window and the skywatcher powertank connected all that to the laptop through CPWI telescope control.
  7. Hi Mick cheers for the advice! i have the mini plug version on my starsense Hand control .. the older vesrsion had the aux port in the hand control.. looks like i'll need to unplug the starsense temporarily while i work the guider. not to worry i seen that celestron 70000 module but it seems that its only for skywatcher 127's?? Much Appreciated Mate. David
  8. Afternoon guys hope you all keeping well! I'm looking for some info on aux ports I have the 127 slt celestron model with a starsense autoalign and the wifi sky portal module (93973) once i align the telescope can i remove the starsense autoalign plug temporarily so i can use the guidecamera st4 cable? as i only have one port and a 2 aux splitter of which the wifi skyportal is constantly using one of the ports on the splitter .. i have seen the celestron interference module which has 4 ports which would really come in handy but celestron dont recommend its use?? apparently its for skywatcher mounts ? as for the starsense autoalign i am prepared to re-align the scope everytime its not a problem thanks Guys
  9. this scope is great for planets and its a short tube maksutov 127mm x 1500mm focal length and only 12 inches in length . superb!!
  10. Cheers Mate.. i had marked the grass and levelled it with the north position for alignment and i cannot leave tripod permanently fixed unless i cover it with a tarp to keep the weather out , but as usual with Scotland plenty of rain so my laptop is safe in my kitchen with the guider and camera cables out the window . I always fancied making my own pier for an alt az mount but have to work my way around the celestron mount as the custom made piers expensive as they are need working round and most of them are for EQ mounts.. thank you for your feedback mate its most appreciated.
  11. Hi Geoff thanks for the info much appreciated!... I set the starsense on the ota bracket last night and have marked both brackets with a fine pencil line and covered it with a bit of selloptape so it doesnt get rubbed off that should help with realigning it back on the scope i'll see how that goes as you stated it probably will need periodic re alignment from time to time. once again thank you for your advice its much appreciated!
  12. Hi Folks I was wondering about this? i want to remove the autoalign from my scope before putting the scope ota back in its protective case? do i need to re-align the starsense again? or will it still hold the same alignment setting its on the small mount on a celestron 127 slt. thanks David
  13. Hi there George B I use a plumb weight to level the scope tripod... use a bit of blu tack to suspend/stick a coin(£2) with thread underneath the locking collar and extend each leg in turn to gain the best level, even on grass. my back green ain't exactly level so i have to use this method everytime. I am getting round to laying some slabs in my favorite spot to gain a more level surface.. even with me being a fatty this will have to be reinforced with sand/cement mixture. hopefully this will sort out the level business once and for all.
  14. boulderbelly

    022353 231113

    absolutely brilliant!
  15. 127/1500 Maksutov

  16. Nice shots.. all of them! did you have any problems with vibration during the shots?... cheers BB
  17. Hi mate!.. I seen that one and saved it for future use .. just in case i forget. some of the Reg 6 seems a bit tricky at the start but after following the youtube one everything seemed to fall into place.
  18. Nice images Jake!..have not had much luck up in Ayrshire.. the usual ...rained off. BB
  19. Hi Simon! thats the small pad controller you have! it wont track mate.. you need the SW hand controller with the Goto!
  20. Try Tamiya XF matt black! Acrylic paint .. 4-5 jars depending on the dew shield size
  21. Cheers Sytra!...I never heard of them before and wasn't sure if anyone else had any business with them. I had been stung before with an online shop selling stuff and they disappeared with the money. once bitten etc!
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