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  1. Hi Tommy welcome to SGL .    try and visit the isle of seil  just above Oban over the atlantic bridge, make your way to Balvicar and theres a wee road on the left that takes you to the  hills .   I went there years ago and you could not see your hand in front of your face!  but the stars were amazing and there were millions of them not a streetlight in sight either, but you'll need a torch to set up.   I had a yellow van and you could not see that  either.





  2. Try the peanut butter lids filled with silicone glue  fill them and level them off and leave them for three days   you'll find they add good absorbtion to the  feet of the tripod.  still use the weights of course and a skywatcher focusmotor (with cogs and toothed belt from amazon) to add even better vibration free focusing.  I used crystal clear araldite rapid to cement the  bracket onto the OTA  just above and  behind the dovetail bracket and fixed the cog onto the focuser brass bush taking care not to tip the OTA onto its front as the shaft would drop into the inside of the OTA ,the  motor was screwed onto the bracket with the supplied bolts   I marked the rear cog of the focuser with a bar of  luminous paint so i could see during the  main set up  in the dark hours the minute movement of the distance travelled by the focuser on the slow setting  getting the scope focused with a 40 mm eyepiece first  the attach the camera and refocus.  then a few turns in either direction at slow speed from the house via my laptop I already had my tripod bolted to the slabs in the garden before, but found i still had bad vibration form the heavy vintners trucks supplying the Busy hotel at the rear of my house at all hours.

  3. Hi Folks 

    Firstly i would like to thank First Light optics for all the customer service excellence they have given me since I have bought most of my Astronomy Equipment from such a reputable company🥇  and I would recommend them with 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  to anybody starting out in this amazing Field.  well done Folks at FLO  keep it up.





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  4. Hi Folks  thanks for replying!  i havent tried it outside yet as the glorious raining western scottish region weather has not let up yet    but i'll try it tonight since the sky is clear today   cheers for the heads up folks 👍👍👍  very much appreciated!  I just seen the bluish tint on the LCD screen when I held it against the window light after putting the filter in,  I had to tweak the legs on the filter a bit to fit snugly  (thanks to a few folks on here with filter problems) but  but when i pointed the camera at the darker wall it seem to go dark on Liveview i could still see the variations on the wallpaper  so i can see through it  brilliant!  being a bit older and just getting back into astronomy way of things and the new fangled tech gear thats about  these days  its all very new but exciting to me.

  5. Hi Folks  Good Affternoon  😃


     I have just bought a skytech CLS filter for my Canon 2000D  and  i tried it on liveview through the  scope 72 ED with Field Flattener and its just coming back as a blue screen on my lcd screen  is this right? or  is my camera not set properly.  any help would be appreciative.  thanks




  6. Hi Mate 😃 thanks for the update Much Appreciated!👍👍   I went and Bought a .85x FF from skywatcher from Harrisons to match the SW 72 ED along with a 48 T ring for my canon 2000d and the camera rotator by evoframe and a  CLS  clip in filter.  I usually go to FLO but they had none so.  looking forward to the clouds disppearing!


    clear skies Mate!

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  7. On 29/12/2019 at 10:28, AstroExploring said:

    Yeah I’ve got the ED80 FF/reducer with the adapter to connect to 72ED. The OVL will work no problems. 
    Hope you get some clear skies, it’s supposed to be clear down here tonight! 

    Hi Mate  does the 80 reducer have any better effect than the one for the 72 ED .85x reducer??  thanks

  8.  Hi Guys  good evening/ & nearly good morning!.. is it possible to turn the mount head of the SLT  so the bolt  for tightening the wedge on the Altitude axis is on the top? (like skywatcher goto mounts) I have hands like shovels and fingers like sausages 🤣 so access for me  is a bit difficult.. 💪 as the  bolt is positioned underneath? (pic) ..can the mount/wedge head be moved either way to assemble OTA to wedge  with  power off without  damage to the drive train ?? .. or  I could power on and  find out if it can do this but dont want to damage the head during aligning  thanks!


  9.    I just went and bought a SK 72 ED pro with Field flattener and fittings  to fit my Canon  2000D as I cannot get enough of the images seen in astrophotography.   i am just going to use the 127 slt mount and swap  with the 127 for closer images of my Favourite  the Moon.  I'll  get heavy mount later, posssibly an EQ6 as I have just spent loads on equipment.  I still have the slt mount screwed to the slabs but it still vibrates if its accidently  touched by my foot.  its amazing how the vibration runs up to the fork arm and through the tube even when its screwed down, i even tried those  rubber absorption feet celestron  supply  absolute rubbish even on grass!

  10.  Hi Guys  thanks to all who replied with information   👍👍👍 very much appreciated!!  i was going to buy another OTA  (150) for that SLT mount but it weighed in at  14 Lbs!  too heavy for the gears and the extra  weight of cameras etc. 

    celestron dont inform you of the maximum load capacity the mount can take.   I was looking at goto EQ mounts but  WOW !!    medium sized Mortgages!

  11. leave nothing unattended!  I have a hotel across the back from me separated by a 5 foot high wall and  i have seen folk at the windows  looking across the back green  i was out the back one night  last month with my Nikon D4 with the 80-400vr on the pro tripod  taking photos of the local mouse on the forage and i heard someone say from one of the rooms  i wonder if he's going to leave that outside!! 😈 just goes to show it would have walked given the chance!!  TRUST NO ONE!!!

    DSC_0003 (1).JPG

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  12.  Hi Mate  thank you very much for the valuable settings information  its very much appreciated!! 👍👍👍👍    I set up my samsung android tablet  with the canon control feature but time will tell if thats worth the bother   i just got the camera basic kit as i was just going to use it with the nose piece on prime focus I also bought an extender so i can put the eyepiece's inside..    i have the eos backyard  loaded up  but will look at the APT tool as well  ..  thank you very much  again  and clear skies to you too 👍👍

  13.  Hello Folks Good Afternoon 😀😀 hope you are all ok and keeping well !  I just  received my new Canon 2000D today  i went and bought a click in  LPR filter for it  as well and just one silly thing  what settings do i use  when i am using the camera with the nosepiece on the telescope?  I have yet to set up the wifi for the canon camera control as well but want to get this right first   any help would be most appreciative.





  14.  that item can be bought from Opticstar.com @ £40  its the right bore for the  prime focus collar on that scope and its from Meade too! , or the cheaper priced with Aliexpress £11  and if you can wait 4 weeks for it to arrive.  I had that item from Opticstar and its made for the T adapters for nikon & Canon etc   the canon T adapter can be had from Amazon @ £8

  15. Cheers Chris for the info!👍👍  just uploaded the Backyard EOS program and looking forward to using it  also loaded the Canon control app for my Android tablet...  really looking forward to getting it all up and running. bought a Canon printer to get all my prints done too.   cheers Graeme 👍👍 for the canon power adaptor  recommendation too will look that up. and thanks to everyone else for the advice👍👍😀😀

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  16. Hi folks  just bought a canon EOS 2000D  for astroimaging   after years of being Nikon minded and many having many nikons under my belt including  F5  film etc  I decided to bite the bullet and splash out on the oppositions 2000D..   my nikon D200 has 16mp and is good,  but has no live view so.. step in the EOS with its live view  and its a bit lighter than the  D200 too.  i never ever preferred canon  dunno why??🤔  but its like something you see in the shop window for days and keep goin back to see  but aint sure about .  anyway its time for a change so I am actually committed and now looking forward to the Canon EOS 2000D  and many nights  of the stars and planets.🛰️🔭📡

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